Zachberg is very proud, our future is very confused, App Scan the user’s photo!Adguard Information Summary

Zachberg is very proud, our future is very confused, App Scan the user’s photo! Adguard Information Summary

how have you been? Although our summary may not make you have a good mood, we need to discuss several very important information. Most things are piled up in the first half of October, but we predict that more changes will follow.

1. Mark Zakberg: Criticism, but not lost

Everyone is discussing “” “. This is the decision made by Mark Zakberg (Facebook Developer and CEO) on the current and future development trends of the world’s largest social media, and how he will promote his decision to become a reality.

For Facebook, it is not good at early October. First, six hours, including WHATAPP, Instagram, and ecosystems throughout the company (even the staff could not enter the office). The same situation has occurred after four days. However, it is not a big event for the Facebook SMM team. They just quickly copied the text of October 4, with the Twitter notified and supported their users.

Mark Zakberg is definitely not a person who likes to copy past. He is a very representative of American culture, success, optimism and active thinking. Mark Zachberg wrote a long post and said his views on technology crashes and investigations. He said that crash is a great thing. This crash just proves how much people like Facebook, and how difficult it doesn’t feel it. It is interesting that Facebook’s metrics and digital culture are well known. People know Facebook like to detect and display various indicators on the dashboard, then improve these indicators in different ways.

It seems that only enterprises have lost their losses, and users should make Facebook feel their value because they cannot contact their relatives, and they are needed.

Mark Zakberg said in the post, “The Allegation is meaningless”. The allegation (referring to “Facebook file”) is wrong, Facebook cares about its users’ “safe, happiness and mental health”, far exceeding its profits. Mark Zakberg asked the audience: “If we don’t even make struggles with harmful content, then we also recruit more employees than other similar companies?”

Ok, it may be because advertisers, content manufacturers and regulators don’t like harmful content? For this question, we don’t need to be smart. Zachberg is the same as the following comments on the following:

Ten thousand Hamlet in the eyes of 10,000 people. But the above post did not make us believe him. We have documents, evidence, research, and our own experience of Facebook, but he only has words, words and more words. The last sentence of the post said: “I am proud of all things you can create the world’s best social products. I also express my gratitude for everyone’s contribution.” Our network God will never create a virtual space for a virtual space. He is worthy of pride, he is the best believers, he is going on the front and never hesitate.

2. Apple finally makes a positive contribution to privacy, but you have to be responsible for enjoyment

Everyone may think we are always criticizing Apple, but we are indeed a fair company. Apple has a positive contribution to privacy safety, we will “sing” them in the first time. Recent Apple updated the App Store Audit Guide. Now (in fact, from January 31, 2022), the application is subject to the application to establish an account in the application. To be honest, they said: “Practice to delete its account”. This means that users will need to click on the link in an email or other operations you need to do in the app. The developer will give it too worry that users will feel too worry.

If the user does not use a feature, then this feature is equivalent to being completely useless. The abandoned account is a potential threat. Remember that all registered accounts are very difficult, but at least before deleting the application, please delete your account first. This is difficult to completely avoid personal data being stored, betally or leak, but at least such a user can reduce the likelihood of the above situation.

3. The anti-Utantian of the network file, or “return to the future”

Future is in accordance with the current trend to infer the future. It cannot take into account the black swan, nuclear war, alien landing, sudden artificial intelligence self-consciousness awakening and other unexpected scenes. But this is very interesting, so there are still many people running to try.

Also known as “WAYBack Machine”. This is a website that indexs the web page like any search engine, but its purpose is different. This website indexes and includes a brief description of the webpage within a specific date, so users can see the New York Times in 2001 and 2011, or find the article deleted or lost. The team decided to establish a website called (forward machine).

Wwweb’s future is as ugly as the past, but there is no interesting and nostalgic characteristics. It is a pop-up window everywhere, the speed is very slow (we are not sure this is intentional). Some websites are closed due to monopoly enterprises. Other websites cannot be used due to copyright restrictions and political reasons. In order to access the web, the user needs to submit his ID, birth certificate, election voting record, and other six documents. In short, the Internet will become dispersed, with firewall, pay, strictly reviewed, completely owned and controlled by the state and company.

Network archives want users to oppose information acquisition, or donate some money so that they can protest for users.

Anyway, we want to emphasize that the network becomes poisonous but also due to restrictions. Information explosion and illusion of absorbing all information are also dangerous. Various content, including information, editing, twitter, shake, quick shot, advertising, new program set, podcast, etc. All of this allows the user’s brain to flood in the dopamine trigger, requiring note that the wrong alert with the user-independent thing, causing the tsunami who is afraid of missed, anxiety and imposed desires. The restriction is not the root of the problem. The most important issue is that the information lacks control.

4. Apple’s new features detect some unwelcome application operations

China’s technical drive influence experiences Apple “Record App Activities” on the iOS15 released last month. He found that it is still in the background in the future of WeChat. Creating the Tencent of this app rejects everything related to the app. But from another perspective, Tencent guarantees that users will improve the app as soon as possible so that the app stops this. Speaking, “Tencent’s QQ and Alibaba top online shopping software Taobao” also caught the photo on the phone regularly (why Taobao is doing this? Taobao is a big data fan?).

Netizens who dig into the above information also noted that the main problems are not only for the photo belonging to personal information and is not allowed to be read by a third party or second party. “Scan behavior occupation storage and consumption battery”. Users need to manage all permissions for the application.

5. Google voice assistant monitors, the mistakes offended are more than what you think, and there will be more in the future.

Google speech assistant in Pixel mobile phone. Everyone can finally don’t say “hello Google” before talking about the command. This will not waste all the energy of users. Users only need to say a short command, such as “answer” or “rejection” to answer or reject a phone, “stop” or “small sleep” to close a alert or timer, and so on.

Very good, isn’t it? What is the problem?

We have exported that the voice assistance will misope some words or phrases to give it a command. After they detect this word, they will also start or sometimes record and analyze the contents of the conversation. Of course, these contents are used to improve speech recognition technology, as well as for some manufacturers’ secret.

No matter how, the research team from three well-known universities was proposed in last year. This device scans network traffic to detect the behavior of the voice assistant to send recording to its server.

6. Mozilla finds a new road for advertising!

The sci-fi novels in the 20th century imagine that the advertisement will be displayed in the sky and the moon, injecting people’s dreams, and through the feeling of mind to enter our daily thinking. But even they can’t imagine ads recommended in search.

Firefox browser will. Once the user is to start entering a search request or website, he will see “Sponsors” recommended. This is the advertisement launched by the AdMarketPlace engine. This feature is also tested in an option in setting, but in Firefox 93 is default it is activated.

What else does this function except for the obvious hate advertising increase the user’s psychological pressure? Search engine with high-tech characteristics. This is a complex, based on neural network. It greatly improves the quality of search engines. Search your company’s compensation to make the engine smarter, personalized, practical and convenient. They want to make the search engine to do some basic work for users, speculatively, what users want, and users don’t have to explain to search engines. When the technology company uses technology to exchange another advertising space, it has become a big misfortune.