Windows version of Adguard VPN V1.1 update

Windows version of Adguard VPN V1.1 update

This time I opened the mountain, announced to everyone that we were very happy to release the update of Windows Edition AdGuard VPN V1.1. We tested the program in these months, found some program errors, find the cause of the wrong, and updated the VPN client.

Eat live can tell a paragraph (although it is just temporary). The Windows version of Adguard VPN V1.1 is finally online. It is hoped that users will illuminate their stable operations and several important improvements.

Quic and stable connection

We are pleased to announce that we now support Quic on the software. Special small VPN provides this thing to show off. Quic is a cutting-edge technology network protocol with many high-end advantages. Quic provides a higher speed and better encryption compared to TCP. What is its working principle? Omsolate all trivial details, you can summarize that the TCP packets are transmitted in batches. If there is a packet loss, then all other all need to wait to be sent to the recipient. Please see the following images.

The Quic application allows the packet to be processed without complying with the specific order.

What does this mean? This means that the user can continue to enjoy a stable connection when using Quic (for example, when using mobile network or weak public Wi-Fi). If you want to know more about this theme, welcome to read about it.

Convenient exclusion list

We move the exclusion function to the settings to improve search APPs and add them to the exclusive way. Previous version, only advanced users have the right to select the path to the app to exclude an APP, and it is still very cost-effective. This function is more convenient, it’s easier!

What the user wants is to go to the “Home”, click “Setting” and select “Separate Tunnel”.

Click “Add Application”

Select the application you want to add to the exclusion item from the list. In addition, the user can still click the “Search” button to select the path.

that’s all! Users can successfully add APP to the exclusive list.

If you want to know more details and download the AdGuard VPN Windows version, you are welcome to move.

We are very happy to release Windows version of Adguard VPN V1.1 for dear users.