Windows version adguard v7.8: Christmas micro-micro improvement and improved browsing security

Windows version adguard v7.8: Christmas micro-micro improvement and improved browsing security

The annual Christmas is already in the end of the door. We want to make the festival breath more, so we brought a small surprise to everyone: Windows version of Adguard V7.8.

After we look at it, we have been improving version 7.7 in six months. But V7.8 took only two months. That’s right, this update does have fewer tasks than ever, but we concentrate on improving overall functions, browsing safe, network drivers, Corelibs, and DNSLIBS, and other functions. I hope that we have successfully achieved experience in improving users.

We work in steadily and better work.

New browsing security

Browsing Security is a module that intercepts the request sent by malware and phishing websites. You may have seen a beautiful banner, which is written above “AdGuard has blocked access to this page.” This is the job of browsing safe.

We improve this module. The new way of operation will make the user’s Internet more secure!

We improve it is that now browsing safe use security search API V2 protocol, not a Lookup API. The meaning is as follows:

Previously, when the user accessed the website, in order to know if the website spreads malicious, browsing the security will send a request to the server containing malicious and fishing domain lists to verify that the user access to the web page is dangerous. This approach has several imperfections. First, send requests for some time. Second, this delay itself has a certain danger: this time is enough to invade malicious code.

We successfully solved this problem. Now, the dangerous domain name browsing secure data set is stored on the user’s computer. The application is connected to the server from time to time to update the domain name list. This method is safer and is faster. In addition, it does not affect the memory of the user equipment, but will increase the performance of the application.

If you want to know more about browsing security, please check our.

WFP and TDI network drive

We also update and enhance Windows network drivers, namely WFP and TDI. In addition to other matters, both help to improve compatibility with other applications.

Other improvements

Of course, there is no update of Corelibs (our main filtering engine) and DNSLIBS (our C ++) will not have today’s release. Look at the more flexible, more powerful new version.

As always, small errors have been fixed.

As always, a hundred feet is further. View the full update list. Update the app or share your experience experience with us. We look forward to your feedback.

I hope that AdGuard will escort your holiday.