Why is the AdGuard VPN is the best choice?

Why is the AdGuard VPN is the best choice?

VPN users consider purchasing, it will often take into account three aspects, namely, speed, security, and price. This is a matter of course. However, there are more aspects that can be included! Adguard VPN has twelve a unique advantages worthy of your attention. Let us look down together, so that the ADGUARD VPN is a unique product, and how to enjoy all the features provided.

Let us first look at the AdGuard VPN, but the functions can’t be found in other VPNs.

Private agreement

As early as possible, we decided not to use the existing protocol. First of all, because we don’t believe in bid, second, because we really don’t like them. Therefore, we naturally make a decision to develop a VPN protocol to be interious. Just create now.

When selecting a VPN service, customers often face a dilemma of speed VS security. The AdGuard VPN protocol is a perfect combination of high-speed and high security, so you will not suffer slowly from a slow network connection or privacy protection vulnerability. In addition, our protocol can disguise to normal traffic, so we want to detect or block it very difficult.

2. Exclude item list

ADGUARD VPN has two operating modes, including regular mode and selection mode. In conventional mode, in addition to the addition to the list of exclusions, VPN can work on all sites. Viorently, in the selection mode, the VPN works only on the website added to the exclusive list. And it’s very simple and convenient, is it your heart?

Select the example of the pattern exclusion item list

Now everyone may ask what it is best to choose. According to our experience, users prefer to select mode. You can understand why you can understand the examples on the picture. In most cases, users only need to use VPN on some websites. For example, on the website that is blocked or collects personal data. In order to save VPN traffic, it is best to use the selection mode. However, some users choose highly protected, so routine modes are also a good solution.

3. Select DNS Server

No need to rely on the DNS server provided by ISP’s default! First of all, this is not safe enough. Your ISP is likely to access your browsing history. Second, people often look at DNS. DNS can not only remove advertising and tracker, protect your device from malicious software, but also open secure search and prevent adult content.

From now on, you can select DNS servers from the list, such as AdGuard, Cisco, CloudFlare, Google or Quad9. You can even configure your own DNS server.

4. The fastest server location

Another highlighted by the ADGUARD VPN is more prominent than other VPN services, the user can select the server location according to the PING. Simply put, ping is data from your computer to the server and returns to your computer. If you hesitate to choose what server, there is a very simple method: ping the lower, the closer of the server is, the faster the speed. We will continue to increase the number of servers, there will always be one of you like.

5. Compatibility with the AdGuard Advertising Interceptor

Desktop Applications and Browser Extensions can be compatible with other VPNs. Unless it is an anti-virus software or another software for advertising interception, two applications can conflict in very few.

Speaking of mobile devices, the situation is not simple. Due to specific operating systems, including Android and iOS, two VPNs are not allowed to run simultaneously, in most cases, both VPN-based applications cannot operate simultaneously.

However, we are still trying to let the AdGuard VPN work simultaneously with the AdGuard advertising interceptor. When you have two two applications installed on your device, they will start running together without having to make additional settings. Usually you need two choices, but this is the only chance to enjoy two applications.

6. Quic support (experimental phase)

It is a cutting-edge technical agreement containing many advantages. The most important advantage is that it can improve connection quality in poor cases. For example, when the mobile device is connected or connected to public Wi-Fi. Although the new agreement does not improve the speed when the connection is stable, it will definitely improve your situation when the user’s network connection is slow.

Let us now introduce all the features necessary to have all good VPNs.

7. Kill Switch

Suppose you often connect to mobile networks or public Wi-Fi, coffee shop, subway or airport, then Kill Switch is a must-have. The reason is very simple. If your VPN connection is unknowing, your connection is unsafe, and in this case, sensitive information is scammed or leaking the possibility of hacking. If your VPN connection is interrupted for some reason, Kill Switch will automatically interrupt network connections, so avoid hackers or abuse your personal information. Users using Kill Switch can be assured because your data is still in the security house. If you pay attention to privacy protection, or at least care about your personal data, you cannot ignore this “bulletproof” function.

8. Tunnel separation

This feature is similar to the above-mentioned exclusion list. The only difference between the exclusions is excluded. Here you can rule out the app instead of the website.

9. Automatic protection

This feature is specifically created for non-secure networks. For the convenience of the user, the Adguard VPN will also be automatically connected when you connect the local Wi-Fi in the coffee shop. Therefore, you no longer need to manually open the VPN, and you will not “forget” to open.

10. Can connect the device at the same time

AdGuard VPN provides services for paying five devices at the same time as paid users. We want to emphasize this word. This is because some VPN providers are only logged in to their services in five devices. The AdGuard VPN has no restrictions on the number of devices that log in to the ADGUARD VPN. However, you can only connect the AdGuard VPN service on five devices. Users who have not subscribed can only use AdGuard VPNs simultaneously on both devices. This is also our advantage, a trump on competitors, because most VPN service free version can only connect to one device.

11. Dark pattern

This small function is also worth mentioning. In fact, many users want to use dark mode, so we can’t ignore the user’s demand. Now we have added the function of the subject switching in all AdGuard VPN products, freely choose the theme you like, including light, dark, and system default. “Darkness” Waiting for your join 🙂

Current AdGuard VPN can be used for desktop and mobile applications, including MacOS, Windows, iOS and Android version of AdGuard VPN. And users can also download AdGuard VPN browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. Go and remember to share your experience with us and in related app stores or leave your valuable feedback.