Three updates, increase improvements

Three updates, increase improvements

Are you also known, your birthday is coming, but I don’t know what gift you want? As a result, your aunt sends you a pair of good socks. Thank you very much, because at least you don’t need you to buy a new sock, you won’t be too excited for this. All in all, the previous metaphor is to say, today we have brought three pairs of “socks” for everyone.

The meaning of socks is updated 🙂 We updated the Mac version, Android version of AdGuard and AdGuard Home. This update is mainly incorrect and other slightly tedious improvements. However, we will say adguard home for a while. Let’s take a look at the update of the MAC version.

Please be sure to view the Adguad V2.5.2MAC version. This update log includes a comprehensive improvement of the filtering level of Corelibs engine, some error repairs, including solving the crash. Now the browser assistant plugin can operate in the EDGE browser! We also brought good news for the Netherlands – now AdGuard software has a complete Dutch version! Graag gedaan!

The update content of the ADGUARD V3.6.1 Android version is the same. This update is a firm step to better and more stable V4.0. Most like, we will no longer have V3.7 in the future.

Like usually, including Corelibs update, application error fixes. Let us look at the next update!

These three updates are updated in the most fascinating non-AdGuard Home V0.105.0. If you plan to view, you will be prepared to move the technical cerebellar! The update log content has a lot of technology to be scared from ordinary users. But if you are interested in Adguard Home, you should have known it very well, so, for you, new updates have some more improvements.

One of important improvements is:

Client ID support for DOH, DOT and DOQ


Can set the adguard home as a DNSCrypt parser

I don't have to study technology more. If you want to know more fully or more professional, please go.

I hope that you are still very satisfied with our three pairs of "socks"! So new to your AdGuard app, don't forget to leave feedback! Please look forward to more new improvements! Goodbye next time!