The unnamed advertising interceptor will load your advertisement, Zuckerberg will delete your face.The world is so cruel ~

The unnamed advertising interceptor will load your advertisement, Zuckerberg will delete your face. The world is so cruel ~

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Andrey Meshkov, Adguard CTO and Joint Founder, recently speaking on this article in the 2021 Ad (AD Blocker Dev Summit). We released it based on what he said on the blog. In addition, everyone can choose to view other speakers.

When preparing this news abstract, we have set a challenge for yourself, just not mention Facebook (or Meta). We feel that everyone has been a bit tired to constantly hear the exposure, scandal and accusation of the world’s largest social network.

There is a considerable local advertisement in Telegram, but we finally decide, this requires a complete article to show that they have controversial reasons and what problems exist, and what is correct. Of course, one of the most important points, whether the AdGuard is to intercept them. Therefore, everyone will not find content related to Telegram on this summary.

Facebook wants to delete your face

It seems that we have failed! It is still necessary to write a big news about Facebook, I am sorry.

Facebook’s Pesenti claimed: “We close facebook recognition system”.

The company guarantees data that deletes more than 1 billion user face recognition.

The 2011 face recognition began to social networks, which can be automatically identified and tracing according to the face on the photo, or allowing users to Alte themselves. Although it is an optional function, it often makes the user feel uneasy when the user is on the photos they don’t know.

In February this year, Facebook identifies his face to their smart glasses. This decision is quite obvious.

In March, because Facebook violated the state’s biometric privacy law, he lost a $ 650 million lawsuit lost in Illinois.

Obviously, in the largest reputation crisis, Meta decided to do something about to caress the anger. But the public does not buy. For example, there is no statement that face recognition features in other Meta created for Instagram or WhatsApp.

Another security search engine online

BRAVE browser refers to a secure browser. It is necessary to replace Google search engines with your own search engine. The Designer team said that the Brave search engine is designed in an independent index and does not track users or record their search history or click. Creating a search engine requires great resources and experience, so we think.

Microsoft pushes users to EDGE

At the same time, Microsoft also understands the value of search records and clicks on data. Local Windows browser is Edge, but stubborn users are to use other and select other browsers in the settings as the default.

When the user selects other engines when the start menu selects other engines, the user-selected search engine, only the Bing search engine in the Edge browse can be selected. Some users are beginning to install other applications, such as EdgeDeflector, or some other browsers developed by browser as a replacement scheme. .

The reason they do is because there are too many people who don’t want to use their browsers and search, or because they don’t allow users to escape from the ecosystem? These two versions of guess sound seem to be a good thing.

There is no saints in the world

In October, Mozilla joined ads in Firefox Browser Search Engine. This, users will also receive relevant advertisements recommended according to user search records from their trusted partners.

here has. There should be many users want to ask if this feature can be disabled. The answer is, yes. Go to Firefox Browser Settings> Preferences> Privacy & Security> Address Bar> Firefox Browser Suggestions. Find “Contextual Suggestions” and “Include Occasional Sponsored Suggestions”. Disable these two options.

Too big for Facebook

Even such a global Facebook is still associated with its roots, ie English languages. There is a funny disclosure on Facebook Papers. In 2018, the company noticed that all recording data in Facebook Messenger came from Cambodia. High cotton is too complicated and cannot be recorded on the keyboard of the mobile application. Therefore, people in this country love the voice information is not available in other countries. Facebook also tried to study this phenomenon, but. What’s going on … We think Facebook is very good at getting user data …

The developer of the first high-size computer keyboard must first accommodate 74 characters in the language. This is the language in all the characters in all the characters in the world. On the Latin keyboard, the user can see all the letters once again become clear. But in high-kit, each key has two different characters. This requires the user to repeatedly switch between the two keyboards.

Arabic is not so challenging. This is one of the most commonly used languages ??on Facebook. Despite this, it has proved that Facebook is lacking in human editing, but also lacks efficient to recognize hate speech, terrorism and other prohibited activities with normal user communication. At least, some countries have become the most unstable region in the world. However, Facebook still does not have the ability to distinguish between terrorist publicity and other criminal activities, and normal communication with ordinary users. They shielded things that can be masked and ignore the behavior of obvious violations of their own stipulations. Therefore, if you use Facebook in any language other than English, please have no reason to delete your post or suspend your account.

Advert intercepting software recommended advertisements, it sounds like it?

This situation has occurred again and again, and it will have all the way, until the universe is increased to the crash. A browser extension has said yourself as an advertisement interceptor that allows users to get rid of YouTube and Facebook advertisements (they know how to teach people the nerve). This is extended.

It is actually a deceptive advertising injection activity, which redirects the legal URL redirects to join links controlled by the extended developer.

Advertising Injection is to insert an advertisement or link into a web page usually do not carry advertisements, let the liar make money from advertising or transfer people to the process of earning commissions.

What can we say? Everyone must use the advertisement of a trusted vendor, such as AdGuard.