The technology giant uses the same formation encryption.The new era of user security is still obedient?

The technology giant uses the same formation encryption. The new era of user security is still obedient?

Alphabet, Facebook, Microsoft and IBM are testing new encryption technology. Is encryption equal to privacy? Ironically, this technology lets the company not only access more user data privileges, but also obtained the right to more data.

What is the same size?

Stateless encryption refers to an encryption type that allows unresolved data to be operated on ciphertext. The calculation results are exactly the same as unencrypted raw data. For example, we can add two unknown encrypted numbers without knowing two numbers, and then decrypt the sum.

Data will not be decrypted in the cloud processing

The prospect of implementing the same size encryption is to use sensitive information in cloud service. The provider of cloud services will not expose holder data.

Previously, some classic encryption methods have begun to support the same-state encryption technology and allow some processing to be implemented for encrypted data. However, in 2009, Craig Gentry proposed the first full-style encryption program. Although the same-state encryption is developing rapidly, it has achieved first run a year, but it requires a lot of calculation resources and time, so it can’t spread it.

Now, with the development of technology, we can provide the resources required. As a result, the same instant encryption has become a hot research area.

This technology uses faces on cloud data processing. Data In cloud processing means, data is processed from the “Secure Category” output (for example, from the user’s computer or mobile phone) and sends it to the cloud service. For example, the user can send a request to the Google search engine, so the search engine can search on the Web without knowing the meaning of the request. There is also an example, the mail service provider does not need “reading” email to detect spam. Currently, in most cases, the server is decrypted before the data processing. After decryption, the result of the processing is to encrypt, and then it can be sent to the user.

Your data will be decrypted outside the “Privacy Barrier” of your device

encrypt your data with the same state, all the flows remain encrypted

So, can you protect the data security by means of the same instant encryption technology, avoid the invasion of cloud service? It sounds great, but unfortunately, we brought a bad news.

What can I have?

Facebook is supercompanical to the same instant encryption. It is also studying how to decrypt, but through the technology identifying the prospect of encrypted data meaning. Whether you are a private letter chat, send financial documents, or discuss some products and services, Facebook wants to analyze all data and obtain permissions for data content without decryption data.

It is suggested that whatsapp should also implement this technology, but this proposal has caused a strong dissatisfaction with users. Whatsapp CEO can only temporarily refer time and indicate that there is no interest in the same instant encryption. Considering the Facebook officials with whatsapp, this statement sounds funny. In addition, we can also find new recruitment projects of Facebook: Facebook is hiring to form an artificial intelligence research team that forms an in-state encryption.

Other technology companies are not willing to study in the same state encryption. The implementation of the new technology may stimulate the new era of advertising technology, allowing market leaders to get more about users, and penetrate into customer communications.

How to make the same instant encryption for advertising technology?

Ciphertext must of course be used to analyze and detect user hobbies and desires, and put more attractive ads.

However, the declaration of practical advertising masks the actual problem. Protect sensitive information without letting the end-to-end encryption of WHATAPP analysis data will be changed to formative encryption. Artificial intelligence can recognize people chatting. At the same time, companies adopted new technologies can claim that they have no access to user data. This paradox is easy to explain that companies do not need to “read” user information to know their content.

Communication software can directly extract text without decryption

We are in AdGuard that the statement that Facebook and WhatsApp cannot read user information after the same-state encryption is the obstacle method of dispersion user attention. Let users be completely penetrated by the advertising platform unconsciously.

When the WHATAPP CEO issued posts in Titte, he felt a little funny.

Most importantly, the same instant encryption is only one of many technologies. Like other technologies, just a props, can be used to serve the public, or it can be used to do bad things. Mr. major companies can make any statements about morality and proper use of data. However, the technology giants (such as Facebook) were caught by abuse of user data several times, causing their reputation damage, so they need very cautious now. We need very cautious in exception, because our life is closely related to the Privacy Protection of Science and Technology Giants. That’s right, new technology has its own advantages. In particular, the cloud data is handled, but whatSAPP information does not need to be handled in the cloud! Only senders and recipients can see information. Therefore, it seems that the media tycoon tries to fish. They let users rest assured that they do not read user data, and the company does no longer need to invade user data to do what they want – boldly collect data and sell or abuse data to place advertisements. Soon, when you talk to the encrypted information, you want to buy a new earphone or sneakers, a lot of related offers will start at each website and mobile app.

That’s why the technology giants have to fight for a spending in the new cryptochemical research. Companies that do not need to process data in the cloud or reorty their own adventure, pay attention to study the same instant encryption.

Our mission is to keep awake and actively speak: We do not want to implement the same-in-state encryption technology in this way. People’s voice is influential. Apple Recently Discards Two-Degramed Techniques Scanning the Album Picture Proven this.

We believe that the key to business success of technology entrepreneurs should not surround how to put more ads to users. The more critical standards should be technical advantages, revolutionary products, to provide users’ convenience, and security of data data.