The special agent likes the advertisement to intercept, and Google wants to eradicate it: AdGuard information summary

The special agent likes the advertisement to intercept, and Google wants to eradicate it: AdGuard information summary

Hello everyone! We give you a message about advertising interception and other messages that make users browse more secure and convenient ways.

1. The special agent also uses an advertisement to intercept

It is necessary to say safety, and these people may say that they are necessary to use action advertisements.

The network security experts of the US intelligence system have created their own advertising intercepting software, and the members of Congress have written firmly believe that government departments and federal networks must use advertisements to intercept and use the highest standard to protect privacy. He also reminded that personal information is easy to steal and sell, and the network can be used to send malware or track users. US intelligence systems include the US National Security Agency, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Investigation Bureau, the US Department of Drug Administration and the US Department of Industry agencies. These institutions recommend it to follow.

2. Not everyone thinks that the advertisement is necessary

At least we know today, when the US National Security Agency and the CIA mentioned the importance of advertising interception, Google is preparing to completely remove advertising interceptors in Chrome and Chromium (such as Opera) browser.

We have recently released an explanation for users what is MANIFEST V3. This paper introduces its impact on advertising interception and other browser extensions, and how we should deal with. Simply said: Manifest V3 is an API that is about to be released. New technologies have to make the extension more secure by banning the permissions that prohibits the extended access to web requests, they have lost their ability to lose. The AdGuard Chrome extension will lose the effects of intercepting advertisements. The new technology is officially released in 2023, but we have begun to prepare to address the upcoming program errors.

3. The shake small net red accidentally hinders a scientific research

On a video, the small net red introduced her fans to make a quick money. It seems that there is no problem, right? Researchers conduct social research through voting on the website, such as Massachusetts, how many dogs and cats (this problem is important). Originally, they should use the above voting website to collect ?Recruit and representate samples on demand. But now they start complaining that girls have driven other young girls to vote, thus destroying the research materials taken.

Is it a vague? Companies for selling data can’t miss the gender of users?

: ?ProLific is a tool for behavioral research, but it actually does not have filtering tools to ensure that each study has representative population samples?. In this way, it is likely that ProLific deceives its customers to purchase themselves not available. But now everyone is talking about girls, how to hinder scientific research.

4. Data is always leaking

Come here: ?A user on a famous hacker forum sells a database that is recorded by users, and is called 38 billion user information. It is alleged that the database combines 38 billion telephone numbers in the ‘secret database’ of the previously discarded clubhouse with the user’s Facebook data ?. If the 38 billion telephone numbers are not scary, then we have to tell you that 3.2 billion emails in February this year, contains up to 10.88 billion user data information, also stolen.

When the user’s data is stolen, whether it is stolen with many people or only the victims of themselves and the extreme, they are uncomfortable.

5. Now VPN days is very difficult

Liquidvpn stopped service. Several film companies have complained that the VPN has been involved in the copyright, this VPN’s website can’t get it. TorrentFreak, copyrightr adopts a new strategy this time. They have begun to sue third-party intermediaries because they are the dismalcress of the copyright. It used to face the same situation. We now want to know when they can start appeal browsers, parts manufacturers and nuclear power plants, because they are allegedly helping users to steal movies. They can’t directly prohibit users from stealing copyrights from the Internet, but in this way. Despite this, they have provided a managed company that provides a server for Liquidvpn. That’s right! Not a managed service to provide a server to a hacker or at least to the provider.

Just a few days ago, Edward Snowden users do not use ExpressVPN.The reason is that their CEO Daniel Geric has worked for the Government of the UAE and helped hackers to attack American politicians and active molecules.The company has claimed that they think that Grick’s work history is an additional item.His experience proves that he is a senior profession (what can company still say).In any case, if you need a new VPN, try it, but please use it for legal activities.