The first public beta version of the AdGuard VPN Mac version!

The first public beta version of the AdGuard VPN Mac version!

Everyone welcomes the first public beta version of the AdGuard VPN Mac version. This article also has it. Their content is similar, but the first story is the first beta version of the AdGuard VPN Windows version. Since our developers update these two apps, they are also released at the same time. As with the AdGuard VPN Windows version, this update is also released after four months of publishing the Alpha version.

When we invite users to participate in the APLHA version just released, we have never thought of so many users gave us feedback. thank you all! Before publishing this beta version, we fix a lot of bugs according to your feedback and have completed a lot of problems.

We often refer to “Error Repair”, but rarely explains for you. This time we decided to give some practical examples.

Then, this Beta version of the error repair includes, the setting and dark mode are no longer reset after restart; when you connect to a VPN server, the IP will automatically change; if the application is enabled, we set up an automatic connection. Added the export / import rule list, crash report, menu bar, and more.

These only do not include improvements in technical issues.

And have an advantage that cannot be underestimated. That is, our VPN can work together with the advertisement intercepting program. Try these two applications at the same time!

And share your first impression!

Currently, AdGuard VPNs for Mac can be used in Catalina and Big Sur. It is about to support MacOS’s primary version.