The first beta version of the AdGuard VPN Windows version is released.

The first beta version of the AdGuard VPN Windows version is released.

Welcome to the first public beta beta version of Windows AdGuard VPN! After four months, we finally prepared to introduce you to a more stable version.

We started to invite users to participate in the Alpha version test phase, did not expect to receive so much feedback! We are very grateful to everyone! Depending on your feedback, we have repaired a lot of bugs and completed 150+ questions. Let’s take a look at what is good for us!

Can be compatible with the AdGuard Advertise Interceptor

When we test the Alpha version, we have some micro problems in terms of running together with the AdGuard VPN with the ad blocking program. But now our VPN can run smoothly with other AdGuard products. You can try it yourself!

Kill Switch

First, let’s recall what the benefits of this feature are. If you often connect Wi-Fi in big shopping malls, caf¨¦s, subways or airports, it is likely that VPN connection will be interrupted, and your network connection will become unsafe. When you use Kill Switch, you can determine that it is always in a safe state. Assuming that since some reasons are interrupted, Kill Switch will automatically disconnect the network connection. This avoids anyone who has the opportunity to access your personal data.

In this way, users can be confident that even if AdGuard suddenly occurs problems, personal data is still protected.

UI design improvement

We make UI to meet the “smoothing such as mirror”. Now the interface is more smooth, the response speed is faster, and it looks delicious. Applications should not only be run smooth, and should be pleasing, isn’t it?

In addition to the visual interface, all features are also displayed in the tray. You can connect or disconnect the VPN, change the location, add the site to the exclusive list, and so on.

Tunnelling Exclusions (exclude tunnel)

The new feature of the Beta version is to exclude item tunnels. The exclusion tunnel refers to, if necessary, we can remove the application or the entire subnet from the VPN tunnel.

Suitable for the Beta version of Windows AdGuard VPN and share your first impression with us!