The AdGuard VPN Windows is officially launched!Support Chinese and other seven new languages!

The AdGuard VPN Windows is officially launched! Support Chinese and other seven new languages!

When we were released, we have already determined that that version is stable enough and is eligible to recommend to public users. However, often the words, there is no preparation. Therefore, we are willing to be more cautious, decide not to rush to release official updates. The test result is that we can do this directly because we did not find any errors, or any other abnormal operation. Now, we finally have no reason to postpone the official release. We announce the formal release of the AdGuard VPN Windows version!

So … just these? After we delete the ‘beta’ icon, can you say a new version? No, but eight or nine is not left ten 🙂

As described above, the beta version has reached the standard. However, we have also made some small improvements (it is very likely that everyone doesn’t even feel them). The most important thing is, as we expected, now there are more users trying ADGUARD VPN. So, we provide more language versions of VPN! Now you can choose the language you want (including Chinese!):

Simplified Chinese

traditional Chinese




Italian language





Although it is now more language versions in the future, there will be more language versions in the future.

Today is here ~ Again, AdGuard VPN has upgraded from the beta version to a comprehensive app. They also grow up ~ or apply to AdGuard VPNs for other mainstream platforms. Share with us in reviews What new features do you want to see!