Safari Web Extension: What is Apple’s new plan for the Safari content interceptor?

Safari Web Extension: What is Apple’s new plan for the Safari content interceptor?

At present, Apple is actively developing Safari’s next version and will be able to debut from Macos BIG SUR. The Beta version of Safari 14 has shown most improvements, which is most worth mentioning for users who are interested in advertising.

What is web extension? Is the application interface (API: Application Programming Interface) using the browser extension. The API can change the style and way of operation of the user browser. The mainstream browser includes Chrome, Mozilla, and Edge, all support Web extensions API, but Safari has always been waiting to be visually and requires developers to use other APIs. Therefore, for example, it will spend a lot of energy from Chrome to Safari, and many developers don’t have enough time. Finally, Safari lacks the extensions used by many other browsers.

On this year’s June global developer conference (WWDC2020), Apple announced that Safari 14 will be. After many users received such a good news, we were one of them, but this decision was very much. However, despite this decision, there will be no many improvements to the advertisement in Safari. why? Please read it down.

Dating back to 2015, Safari introduced the so-called Safari content interception API. Understand according to literally, which means services that help developers create content interception applications in Safari. AdGuard is also using it in the iOS version, Adguard Pro and applications for Safari’s AdGuard. This API has several obvious disadvantages compared to Web extensions. Its function is limited and there is almost no improvement over time. Even so, this API just provides sufficient content interception level.

So, now the overall situation will change, is it? Will we transplant the extension of CHROME / Firefox into safari? Unfortunately, this is not the case. There are some relatively large problems. The first rush is that Safari developers only copy the web extension API. Some functions that can be used for web extensions do not apply to Safari 14. For example, there is no function of blocking the network request. You can try: Check, search for “WebRequest”. You will see:

  WebRequestBlockingResponse Not supported.blocking requests not supported.  

Even those who don't master any special technical knowledge can also understand this.

How will it develop next? Will you usher? How will the Safari Advertising Interception will be improved? To be honest, we don't know.

On the one hand, we have updated Safari ad to intercept the API with an iterative stagnation. We report a lot of mistakes and report more new feasibility requests than the money on the bank. But you can't be properly resolved every year. When discussing with Apple Developers, we realize that they don't object to see the implementation of the Safari Advertising API. But they certainly don't determine if it can accept it. So we don't worry, because after a lot of effort, it may still be a bamboo basket.

On the other hand, they will focus all efforts in the development of future Web extended APIs, and eventually add the function of blocking network requests. But to tell the truth, this situation has a chance. But we still have to emphasize that no one is really expected to support Web extensions on WWDC, so there is always an opportunity. Please wait and see.

Now you have some choices:

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