Review and Outlook Adguard DNS

Review and Outlook Adguard DNS

In 2016, we didn’t expect it to be so popular at all. Now, the AdGuard DNS has 14 server locations around the world; it processes DNS requests over 500 billion each month. The AdGuard DNS is an indispensable part of all AdGuard products. Moreover, AdGuard DNS is the world’s public resolution server and is still one of the only two parsers in the world. We and users like to use AdGuard DNS very much. So, is it a space that continues to progress?

I have expected it, it is! In particular, when intercepting the DNS server, one of the public DNS servers hid the drawback is that it does not belong to you. The way the server is configured, whether you like it, it will not change. If the server blocks a domain, you don’t want to mask it, no way. Of course, now we try only to intercept the domains that will be intercepted. But there are millions of users in the world, so some users will be different from our ideas.

all will be good. For example, we have. This is a highly personalized personal DNS server. The user can manage the flow of the entire home network in any way to install it on the router or VPS. The only disadvantage is that unless you have specific technical skills, manual settings are more troublesome to configure adguard home. Thus, this is the time when the new AdGuard DNS is played.

We are about to further. The user will have the opportunity to get the AdGuard DNS server for their tailored. You have not heard the wrong! Is a server that is completely designed. You can adjust it according to your needs. The following is the function you can use:

Unblock and intercept any domain.

Even with the most basic function, it is also one of the most important features that your DNS server can provide. The domain of the management wants to mask or release is the most critical feature. This is the same as the operational way of the public adGuard DNS, but this time you decide to block or demonstrate specific content.

Add a prevention list.

If you use any AdGuard Advertising Interceptor, you should have a list of filter lists or organizational lists. If you still don’t know, this is a list of filtered rules. By the rule list application intercepts specific web elements. Say the DNS blacklist, the general principle is unchanged. The difference is that we are no longer a web element, but a domain.

View request statistics.

Where is your DNS request? The process that happens behind the scenes will surprise you. The more the APPS and browsers you are using, the more data they sent. Sometimes, it is hard to imagine which company will host this server and the location of the server is in the most remote place.

Use AdGuard DNS you can view which companies manage the server, and where the location of these servers is. Of course, you can view statistics on different devices from different dates, countries, and even connect to your DNS server.

Want to learn more? Open the query log for the DNS request data processed about your server.

Parental control.

Parental control can mask you think that children are not suitable for watching online content.

Let us emphasize it again: You are the only one who decides which content suitable for children to watch and which is not suitable. Not only this. For example, the user also has the opportunity to set the fixed time that can access social media, or disable the Twitch on a computer specifically for learning purposes.

The user may ask, the above features are not ADGUARD HOME? Adguard Home is really very similar to private AdGuard DNS. The most important difference is that we will be simple and convenient as the primary task in private AdGuard DNS. Private AdGuard DNS settings and management is simple, even when compared to other software, it will be unfair. If AdGuard Home is mainly for technology, and private AdGuard DNS can easily use old grandmother.

How do I start using it?

Our server is still “polishing” and has not yet begun to provide users. We need to repeat test and improve it for more than two months, but there is no doubt that private AdGuard DNS is about to go online. Now we can introduce us to you.

AdGuard DNS is as important as our other products, including the AdGuard Advertising, and AdGuard VPN.We are flattering, and there are many things on the website to improve.You can view some screenshots of the upcoming private AdGuard DNS, and most importantly, you can subscribe to the ADGUARD DNS newsletter.After subscription, we will notify you the time of DNS online and send other updates related to AdGuard.Also, you can also find it on the website.In the same place you can find the information you want, from the download link of our AdGuard DNS application to the manual instructions set on Debian, even Xbox.We really look forward to updating AdGuard DNS.We hope that you will look forward to us after reading this article or views new sites!So remember to subscribe to our mailbox notice!If you still have questions about AdGuard DNS, you are welcome to leave feedback on the following reviews or social media.