Return to the campus!Lifelong learners can enjoy low to 3.5% discount, as well as Q & A competition ~

Return to the campus! Lifelong learners can enjoy low to 3.5% discount, as well as Q & A competition ~

The world is currently changing in the world, and the adaptives survive. Learning and adapting to new technologies, new interactions is especially important. Therefore, we believe that even after graduation, it is not possible to stop.

When you go online, don’t forget to protect your privacy and keep anonymity, and is not intrusive advertisements. You can learn peacefully and let us share it.

Shield advertising and tracker

The AdGuard license key is 60% off, including personal / family, one year / life!

If you have licensed keys, you can also renew or upgrade it at low prices. Go to you, all discounts in the account have been applied.

Hide your actual location and access to geographic restrictions

Buying and extending the price of AdGuard VPN a year to buy 40% off.

Test your knowledge

If you want to know how to apply knowledge in your school in your daily life, come and join our Q & A competition test yourself. Every question comes from a certain discipline, so you can quickly check the knowledge you have, maybe you can also learn some new knowledge.

P.S. Get the highest score, you can get a special offer. Hey, don’t tell others ~

Offer is 2021.09.05