Now AdGuard VPN supports the main streaming service

Now AdGuard VPN supports the main streaming service

The main problem with streaming services is that they often detect VPNs and prohibited them from accessing anything before the user off VPN. After remembering this feature, we came up with a way to allow users to bypass all restrictions.

You may have a new feature we add. Now use AdGuard VPN, you can access US main streaming media services. For users who love Netflix, Hulu, Hbo Max, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney + are good news.

This new feature can be used by users with all payroll subscription Adguard VPNs. Can’t wait? Want to enjoy the use of streaming services now? You only need to confirm that you already have a valid subscription, select any server in the US. It doesn’t matter which platform of which platform you use, including browser extensions, applications for iOS, Android, Mac or Windows. Use them, no matter where you can watch your favorite film and television drama.

Haven’t there adguard VPN? Download it and try the free version!

Because the function of streaming media service is new, we are still taking it, so we will be grateful if you try to use the above-described streaming services and feedback to us with Adguard VPN. Please leave your feedback on this article or social media.