Being Ben Mulroney

In a candid Q & A, Mulroney talks about fame, family and the third season of 'Canadian Idol'

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Beneath the occasional fuzz from a Vancouver cell phone connection, you can hear Ben Mulroney grabbing a quick bite of food in between questions. He’s in the middle of a busy day of media interviews for Canadian Idol, and hey, he’s got to eat sometime, right?

As the son of former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, Ben has become a media star in his own right at just 29 years old. You can’t miss him. CTV has made sure of this. They’ve practically made a brand out of Ben, featuring him in their primetime network promos and calling on him to host their various entertainment specials and shows. Out of all his CTV duties, his most famous is serving as host of Idol, a show that consistently drew over two million viewers last summer.

Idol is back on May 30 and we caught up with Ben to find out what’s in store for the third season — yes, it’s been on the air that long — and to talk about celebrity and family matters.

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