new function!Adguard VPN Import and Export Trouble List

new function! Adguard VPN Import and Export Trouble List

good news! This feature can now be used for ADGUARD VPN, and we have. Let us see how to use the new features.

How to import and / or export an exclusion list of AdGuard VPN

Suppose you are already the old user of the AdGuard VPN Android version, and you have added the required website in the two lists. So, you will lose your new features! Now you start using the AdGuard VPN Windows version, you don’t need to re-enter all domains. It can be operated according to the following four steps.

Please open the AdGuard VPN in the device / browser in the existing exclusion list. After finding the menu option for the exclusion item, click “Export”, file will start downloading.

There are two TXT files in the compression package, which is a regular and selection list. You can add more exclusion, delete, or rename (you can learn more about more details) Existing files. You can also do not change, but retain the original file content.

When you transfer the exclusion item to another device, don't forget, pass the ZIP format file to the device you want to import. For example, when you transfer the exclusion list from the Android device device to your computer, you must first determine that you have sent the zip format file to your computer.

Please open the AdGuard VPN in the device / browser to import the exclusive document. Find the exclusion option in the menu, click "Import"!

Example of the exclusion item list of selected modes

Other information you need to understand

As mentioned above, the document contains two files. You can add a new exclusion item to one or two files. After adding a new exclusion item, you can import documents into the AdGuard VPN on any device. You can even share the document to a friend!

In some cases, you may not want to import the entire document, and as long as you import the list of exclusive items that contain a mode (regular or selection). No problem ~ You only need to confirm that the back section of the file name is .regal.txt or .Selective.txt , is a list of regular or select modes.

That way you rename the file, what should I do if the file name is only left ?txt file extension? No problem! When you import a file, the AdGuard VPN will confirm that the file you import is a regular or selection mode exclusion item. Finally, you can delete the exclusion list of each mode. You just need to click "Delete all".