Mac version of Adguard VPN V1.1 update

Mac version of Adguard VPN V1.1 update

Vocal: The store is in the same point purely in the same point in the new article. no). If you have read us, I’ve been related to the Windows version of the AdGuard VPN V1.1 updated article, reading this You will have a feeling of meticulousness when you are. If you haven’t read the last article, let us introduce you to the Mac version. Adguard VPN V1.1! Be

Three months, finally waited for the new version of the new version. As usual, we have repaired the program wrong to change the user.

Use the experience. But more important is that the MAC version Adguard VPN is now raising two good functions: Quic Association The support of the discussion and the function of adding the app to the row list. Let me see the two key functions mentioned. Be


Quic support

We have already mentioned, but we want to re-apply: I am very happy to announce cloth. We should use Quic support. Special small VPN

It is a dazzling that you can make this thing. The support can enjoy a higher case in the case of “imperfect” outside Speed ??and better conjunction. For example, when it is on the ground iron or an electrical ladder. Be

Let me look at its work justice. If you have a trivial detail, you can include, TCP data packets Quantity transmission. If there is a packet loss, then he will wait to wait for it. Send to the recipient. Please see the image described below. Be

The Quic protocol allows the transfer to move, so it will not lead to data package recovery and team first resistance Question of the plug (or HOLB) ??queue. Be


If a user wants to understand the subject, please read this article. Be


Tunnel separation for APP

Now it is not just a network station, and the programming program can also be added to the row. Which of the necessary procedures should be selected

Which is not. Be


We hope that each user can enjoy the use of Mac version of Adguard VPN V1.1! Welcome everyone here, or share your feedback in social media. You can find a new detail content. Be