iOS version of Adguard V4.3: New era of Safari Advertising Interception

iOS version of Adguard V4.3: New era of Safari Advertising Interception

Apple adds so-called support in iOS 15. This is indeed a big change, we don’t need deliberate low-key. Safari is now the first IOS browser we know to support browser extensions. Yes, there is some restrictions on the extension features in Safari, but this does not affect the innovation of Apple and Safari teams.

What does this mean?

So what is the impact of this change impact on the user of the AdGuard Advertising Procedure? Adguard users use the content to block the API to intercept the advertisement in Safari until now. The web extension has opened a new world that is full of new opportunities.

The problem is that due to its “declaration”, users can use them to implement general content prevention of rule objectives. The most obvious example is Youtube advertising in Safari. Blocking this ads is very difficult, difficult to need to manually open each time you add a special time to open YouTube.

These shortcuts now have become history. We add new modules to AdGuard, ie “Advanced Protection”. As its name, it applies advanced filtration rules, such as, and. In addition, advanced protection can intercept complex advertisements, such as Youtube ads mentioned earlier. Users do not need additional settings. Advanced protection is always running!

How to enable advanced protection

Two steps are required. First enable the AdGuard Safari Web extension in the Safari settings. Then, advanced protection is enabled.

Please open the settings> Safari browser> Extension.

Find the allowed extension list and select Adguard in the extended list.

Click AdGuard and open it. Confirm the permissions you need to confirm that ADGUARD on the same screen. All websites should be in the allowed state.

Users can also enable Adguard extensions in Safari. Click Extension (if there is no option next to the address bar, click the Size button).

Click Manage Extensions in the list. Open the adguard in the open window.

If you use the above, the user may also need to go to Safari settings to provide the permissions required for the AdGuard extension.

You can now see Adguard in the available extension list. After you click on it, click on the yellow I icon. Click Enable and confirm that this action has successfully enabled advanced protection.

Or you can also enable advanced protection directly in your application. Please go to the protection label (the bottom of the bottom line icon is second)

Congratulations! Now even the most complex advertisements that the Safari browser can prohibit it is not your opponent.

Available features

As we said, the main goal of advanced protection is to intercept the advertisements that have not been able to intercept. However, the AdGuard Safari web extension can also be used to quickly manage the AdGuard iOS version in the browser. Click the extended button (a puzzle icon). Depending on the device type, the button may be located on the right or left side of the address bar.

Users will see the following options:

Enable / disable protection on this website. The shutdown switch will completely disable the ADGUARD to run on this website while adding a corresponding exclusion rule. The re-open switch will restore the protection of the website and delete the rule. Any changes in any such changes can take effect.

Manually intercept the elements on the web page. Click to block the elements on this page to pop up a prompt that is blocked. Select any elements you want to hide on the page to adjust the selected area. Then preview changes and confirm the deletion. A corresponding filtering rule will be added to the adGuard (can be disabled or deleted later in the future).

Report error. Slide up to see a button that is wrong. Use it to report that no additional ads or any other questions encountered in the current page.

Advanced protection features can only be used for AdGuard iOS version of the Advanced subscription version.

This is one of the biggest upgrades in the iOS version of AdGuard. Web extensions have opened many unknown gates leading to advertising to intercept the world. To be honest, we feel like a child who looks forward to the candy store. I hope everyone is also as excited as us! So what are you waiting for? Come to give these advertising points color! This update is published in the application or can be updated from the AppStore.