How to use the AdGuard for iOS configuration system level interception

How to use the AdGuard for iOS configuration system level interception

System-level interception means that other ads and trackers are intercept other ads and trackers except for advertisements populated in the Safari browser. For example, in other applications and browsers. Although most of the advertisement interception procedures cannot be shielded in the system level, AdGuard can. In this article we introduce you how to configure system-level ad to intercept on iOS devices.

This figure shows the process of intercepting the advertisement of the AdGuard for iOS

Basically, if your purpose is to block all ads and trackers outside the browser, then you have two choices:

Add DNS filters, such as the AdGuard DNS filter.

Enable the AdGuard DNS server (Setup -> DNS Protection -> DNS Server -> Adguard DNS).

Since the first mode provides options for multiple settings, it is better. When you enable advanced settings, you can use a variety of DNS servers and use the DNS filter list to intercept your ad. But we don’t have to worry, let us continue to look down.

How to enable and configure DNS protection

In fact, DNS protection is the same as system level protection. It can be said that synonyms are instead of replacement. To enable this feature, turn on AdGuard settings for iOS -> DNS protection. that’s all!

Here you can choose DNS protection, DNS server, enable network settings and configure DNS filtering (note that DNS servers can only be enabled if you turn on Advanced settings.

How to enable advanced settings

As we all know, AdGuard for iOS is available in AdGuard. Typically, we do not recommend that users are involved in advanced settings. However, if you want to shield an advertisement outside the Safari browser, you need to know how to get advanced settings and avoid it. ” But don’t be afraid! The following settings are not obscured.

Explain how to enable two-step teaching methods for advanced settings simply.

Open AdGuard for iOS Settings -> Universal.

Enable advanced settings. You will see the “Advanced Settings” tab.

How to add an AdGuard DNS filter

The AdGuard DNS filter contains several other filters (ie, Adguard base filters, social media filters, anti-tracking protection filters, mobile advertising filters, Easylist, Easyprivacy, etc.). We simplify this filter to make it more compatible with DNS-level advertising. Read more to learn more DNS filtration.

In order to add an AdGuard DNS on the device, do the following:

1. Copy this link: Opens AdGuard for iOS Settings -> DNS Protection -> DNS Filter (Enable Advanced Settings) -> DNS Filter.

3. Click Add Filter to paste the link into the filter URL field. After paste, click Next.

Finish! Now you have 3,600,000 + rules that have been enabled!

Why do I need to set up DNS filtering?

Enable advanced settings, configure DNS protection and add an AdGuard DNS filter absolutely worth setting. These configurations require only minimal efforts to greatly improve the overall protection level. AdGuard will filter the flow in the local area and let you choose the DNS server you like to use.

The AdGuard DNS filter contains many advertising domain names. When you turn on the AdGuard DNS filter, these advertising domains are not only in the Safari browser, but also in other browsers and third-party applications. In addition, the system level intercepts protection you from Google, Facebook, and Other Network Analysis companies.