How to use iOS version of Adguard DNS

How to use iOS version of Adguard DNS

Not long ago, the world greets cool updated iOS 14, but in all updated content, we want to emphasize one:

Apple has supported DNS encryption from this year. Apple uses two protocols including DNS Over TLS (DOT) and DNS over HTTPS (DOH). These two protocols use TLS for encrypting DNS requests, and then use HTTP to improve operational effects.

Why is it important?

DNS flow encryption is similar to no encryption, similar to HTTP and HTTPS: encryption is not encrypted. Let’s take a look at the working principle of DNS encryption:

How to set an AdGuard DNS encryption

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Set file configuration

The first step is to set an AdGuard DNS profile.

Open this page in the Safari browser and click on the link below:

Can intercept advertising, tracker, malware, and phishing websites.

Not only like AdGuard DNS, but also in the search engine to strengthen “Safety Searches” and YouTube Children’s Mode (!), You can also prevent websites including adult content.

Do not intercept or review anything. Use this configuration file with the DNS server you need to record quickly.

Step 2: Download and install

After downloading the configuration file, go to the settings. You will see the downloaded description file options:

Click to view the configuration file data. After viewing, install the file:

Step 3: Setting and testing

You can manage the installed DNS profile through the device settings. Go to Settings -> Regular -> VPN and Network -> DNS. Here you can view or switch all installed DNS servers.

To test the operation of the configuration file, click the link to go to whether the AdGuard DNS is detected.

ADGUARD DNS is working properly, very good!

Difference to the AdGuard app

In contrast, the AdGuard DNS has several disadvantages: you will not be able to check the requests sent on the device, and if you cannot use DNS filtering and manual management to block or allow access.

Adguard iOS Edition allows you to view DNS event logs on your phone

Despite this, this is a very convenient way to start using an encrypted DNS protocol. Besides, the advantage of this method is that it is inherent to the operating system. Therefore, in the later AdGuard IOS version, we will use this principle to add the functionality of the DNS server.