Hello! About AdGuard expansion in countries using Chinese

Hello! About AdGuard expansion in countries using Chinese

First, we are not from scratch. To be honest, AdGuard has found users who have supported it in many countries.

However, this whole process is unknown. Once upon a time, our products did not even have China’s positioning, and the marketing we use is only well known “¿Ú ¶ú Ïà”. So now, with our company’s development and get more resources, we feel that we need to terminate this ancient propaganda method. We need to begin to move towards one of the biggest markets in the world. More important is to move to our Chinese users.

In this article, we will share our passing path, as well as the future intention.

Chinese filter

Through reporting tools, we collected a lot of advertising filtration rules. Therefore, we are unified that it is now possible to create an appropriate moment dedicated to the Chinese website filter.

With the help of users who have left the feedback, we have been “polished” filters. The process is very consumed, but now it is now:.

How to get it?

We have added Chinese filters to AdGuard applications for Windows and Mac. You just need to add it in the Filter tab:

Add Chinese Filter in the AdGuard for Mac

Add Chinese Filter in AdGuard for Windows

AdGuard and AdGuard browser extensions for Android, iOS will also have this new feature in recent updates. But if you don’t want to wait, you can set your software as (please note: is an unstable version) and start using it in advance.

Of course, this is just the beginning, and there will be very much improvements in the future. This is why we advise you to continue to be shielded advertisements encountered during use. Under our joint efforts, the filter will be perfect.

social media

We have created some groups and blogs. There, you can pay attention to the latest news, ask questions, and feedback.

If you are using Adguard’s Chinese customers (or is very interested in interception, privacy, etc.), you can pay attention to us:

Sina Weibo: Dynamics about the latest news

QQ: Discussion

Telegram: with.

Blog: You can find our update, research articles and industry news.


Thank you very much (there is also previous in Onessky) to help! Because of their help, all of our local platforms almost all AdGuard products include most important web pages have been successfully translated.

We are sincerely thank everyone’s valuable dedication and willing to answer our questions for a long time (even if sometimes the difference is true).

Our masters always appear in the list of “best partners”, and continue to wear our own “annual version of the winning” champion.

Also, if you want to help us (and our volunteer masters), you can. In addition to translating Chinese, we also solemnly thank people who can translate any other languages.

payment method

We are about to add Alipay payment methods. We currently use the Paddle payment platform, and once an Alipay payment method is added to the platform (planned), we will use it quickly.


Basically, this is just our first step towards a new group of Chinese users. It is also yet, any help will receive our gratitude. If you have some wonderful interesting ideas, please contact us via [email protected]!