Heaven does not drop the pie: the 21 million user data of the three Android VPN was disclosed

Heaven does not drop the pie: the 21 million user data of the three Android VPN was disclosed

We haven’t updated the industry information for a long time, but we can’t talk about the most recent news.

The data of 21 million users is sold in a very fireful hacker forum. Hackers have steal three data for Android VPN services, including Supervpn, GeckovPn, and Chatvpn. You may have heard of these VPNs (or installed). There is 100 million downloads in Google Store Supervpn, Geckovn has 10 million downloads, and Chatvpn has 50,000 downloads.

To a certain extent, these VPNs can be said that the user can use most of the features for free. Who doesn’t like a free or free value-added service? But you should have realized that there will be no pies on the sky. Let us analyze what happened, and why this leak is extremely dangerous.

What can I sell on the forum?

The author of the forum sells three files. According to its application, two files contain the following data:

Email address


full name

Country Name

Randomly generated password string

Data related to payment

Senior member identity and its expiration time

Seven months ago, there were seven probes that claimed to keep log records. There is also Supervpn in an unlucky VPN list. If you occasionally read news related to cyber security, you may have heard of this name.

According to the sample of the second file, it can be judged that the leaked data is included in the user equipment:

devise serial number

Mobile type and manufacturer

Device ID

Device No

Reasons for recording your data (free) VPN

If the hacker does expose these data, then the three private information records collected by the above mentioned VPN providers have much more comparable to the privacy policy.

Supervpn Privacy Policy

In theory, the main reason for establishing VPN is encrypted network traffic and protects user privacy, which allows it from Internet Service Provider (ISP) monitoring, government review or hacker attack. This seems that Supervpn, Geckovpn, and Chatvpn did not fulfill its key mission at all, and the user’s privacy was dangerous.

Why is the data leaks dangerous

The hacker can abuse the user’s private information preserved by the VPN service for phishing attacks and. It means that the attacker eavesdropped private communication between the victims and attempts to change the intercepted information, obtain useful information and redirect the user to other websites (such as malicious websites). If the user’s communication is intercepted, the user’s credit card and other personal sensitive information will be threatened.

This leak emergency report has proven that the use of unreliable VPN will make you pay a heavy cost. If you don’t want to be such a hacker’s next victim, it is recommended that you don’t take shortcuts in privacy, and ask for money.

First, you have to use a reliable VPN. The payment version or free value-added version (free but there are most features, you still need to purchase subscriptions to use advanced features). This is of course not the only inspection standard, but can quickly determine the reliability of the service.

Each VPN service provider must pay for its user traffic. The more users, the higher the cost of VPN traffic. Then there is a question: How do I overwritten their operational expenses if VPN is free or very cheap? As a famous saying, “If you don’t pay for the product, then you are the product.”

We will of course recommend everyone. The trial for Android, IOS, and plugins for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. In order to enable the VPN connection to maximum safety level, protect users from the risk of data leaks, we use our own VPN protocol, AES-256 encryption, Kill Switch, and other advanced technology.

Second, we recommend carefully choose the easy-to-use password manager. This is more secure and reliable than logging in to many accounts (right, don’t do this) more. Or you can see if the password of your email address recently is leaked.

Again, enable two step validation (2fa). Additional protection will not be your burden. Note that 2FA can also be used to keep your authorization code for AdGuard personal account. Two step validation can be enabled.