Having a bad mood?Give you an advertisement!Why do people buy unwanted things?

Having a bad mood? Give you an advertisement! Why do people buy unwanted things?

In fact, targeting advertisements may be better than unsettled ads. Because if you still have an advertisement, you still have a better product. When the first time, the direction of advertising is still simpler, that is, in the male fashion magazine, the advertisement of whiskey is put in the female magazine, and advertisements in the emairy products are placed in women’s magazines. But later the Internet appeared and quickly developed.

Destroy family, electing president and mastering other data

Everyone may have heard of this. A Target has inferred that there is a girl who is pregnant, so sending a coupon for her maternal and child supplies. After that, I would like to explain with my daughter. Why think he will become a grandfather.

This story should not be true (,). But it is very clear that everyone believes this story. The analyst explained the orientation mode of work. In fact, the company’s marketing team specifies a specific customer ID for each credit card. Then they use the acquisition data with information from other sources through the credit card.

In addition, they can also calculate the probably “pregnancy score” template. In other words, it is estimated that the probability of pregnancy of women. If a person from 17 to 37 began to buy odorless moisturizer and soap, containing zinc, calcium food supplements, this template may show, this is a pregnant woman. As she purchased a small blue blanket and diaper, she is likely to pregnant a boy. In fact, this is not a higher mathematics.

Everyone remembers the 2012 pregnant girl, but it looks for a word in 2018: Cambridge analysis. This company excavates a lot about Facebook. Some users will give them to them in order to make interesting small tests, and then forward them to their friends. The company analyzes the psychological portrait of user psychological portraits by visualization, and conducts behavioral manipulation of presidential elections. Therefore, the market value of Facebook has evaporated for 40 billion US dollars in one day. The company blames Russia’s hacker, but it has to be accepted in the UK.

After the incident of Cambridge analysis, everyone thinks that Facebook has learned important lessons, start respecting users, do not abuse user data and find some other way to earn billions of money? of course not! What they have learned is – the user data is comparable to the gold mine, can be analyzed and sold to third parties to earn more money!

What do users have learned from the incident of Cambridge analysis? Our individual is very precious. Other people can not only sell our personal data, but also use it to control presidential elections.

Emotional orientation: denied but evidence

In fact, before the scandal is exposed, Facebook has long realized the importance of personal data. As early as 2017, the Australian newspaper reported publicly. Just look for low self-esteem, lack of security, there is no friend in the school, and it will be popular after you have bought this pair of shoes. This plan sounds great!

Facebook was officially issued, and the above is just a study of people’s behavior in social media, and the data they use is anonymous. In this way, they will be relieved. They always say – anonymous. However, if others create a personal information on the Internet to study your personal information, what is the difference between with you?

Facebook claims that they do not provide tools based on emotional status orientation. However, anyone registered with a business account can see the basic orientation option: Facebook provides users with “stay away from family”, “three months ago”, “I just went home from travel”. If this is not emotional orientation, what is it? Facebook said yes, there is therefore it must be a completely different thing.

Of course, advertisers are not an angel. They will catch any chance to make money. You look at it yourself, they sell more things on social media and write an angry or tight title.

Each posting post can be used against you

Australians reported the alarm before publishing 23 pages, the alarm has already sounded. A few months ago, Facebook released the marketing opportunities for people who were recently broken up. We really want to know why now the report is no longer downloaded from the original link …

Finally (at least the last one we know) is Reset Australia, which refers to global initiatives committed to combating digital threats to democracy. In April 2021, they found that 13-17 years of adolescents were interested in “wine, smoke and electronic cigarette, gambling, extreme weight loss, fast food, and online dating service”.

It seems that Australians don’t like Facebook! Another origin, but that is another story.

How can we help?

Despite this, Facebook is still Facebook. You are closing, they enter the window. Imagine what they will think about, what data they will get and use. Learn from the key level wildcard analysis, is you drunk or sleepy? why not? By the way, Tiktok is already doing this. We will predict that they will be a security measures: if the model changes significantly, this may mean that the account is stolen, and must be suspended until the user recovers control. Also, some users may have witnessed or experienced Facebook and Instagram through your online talk to the name-based brand-based name-based brand-name and product advertisements. We have even already. However, this time we are more willing to believe. They don’t listen to the user’s conversation, because they don’t need to listen to them. When they have users who have forwarded them through social media “personally” forward to them, then waste resources will be lost. This is also true in “Reading” whatsapp talk.

Researchers continue to note that people began to pay attention to personal data. However, Facebook offends children, thus caught deep worries for advertising orientation and data mining. In fact, they have doubled children’s allegations. Finally, the company must do some improvements. In August 2021, Facebook announced that hobbies and activities in Faceook and other apps to teenagers. They still have the opportunity to direct people under the age of 18, but only based on age, location, and gender.

Then, when the level of protection of children has enhanced, we can use this opportunity to think about how the adult’s protected level is. How can we avoid Zuckerberg (Facebook founder) running our minds in our minds with advertisers?

I would rather communicate with robots with reality is a major principle. You are engaged, why do you want to click the “Life Chronicle” function button to share good news instead of personally share a post? Why use the “Mood and Activity” button to share your trip in New York without uploading posts or photos? In addition, shouting on Facebook, you won’t go home in a few weeks, you are not a security initiative. However, this is another story.

We know in ADGUARD, advertising is not only source of information noise and attention. This is a long-lasting psychological war because some people Your money is not your life. These people have discovered how to get user activities, ideas, planning and wishful data ago. Not long ago they discovered how to get user emotions, worries, hopes and hesitated data.

This may be the critical point of the quantity of marketing manipulation to quality. Even if we are not controlled by professionals, emotionally drives urge to buy. Here is the main battlefield of Facebook, which converts the above processes into a system, and takes this kind of emotions such as happiness and sorrow, happiness, happiness, and middle-aged crisis and adolescence.

In this regard, in addition to hundreds of reasons, this is another reason for protecting personal data. Use an advertisement to intercept the program to prevent the advertising tracker from avoiding digital fingerprints. When you search for sensitive topics, such as mental health, family problems, fragile conditions, etc., remember to match the privacy protection tool. We cannot guarantee that users can completely defeat Facebook and other software that get data, but we can at least let them work hard.