Happy 2021!I wish you good health and advertising online.

Happy 2021! I wish you good health and advertising online.

Message update: winning notification

(January 12, 2021)

First of all, we hope that everyone will continue to be happy in the new year! 2021! I wish you all a happy health!

In addition, we have brought more good news for several luckymen. The time to announce the results of the lottery 🙂


The winning user is:

Congratulations! Congratulations! You are the winners of the AdGuard New Year’s lottery. You can like Apple iPad. Yeah!

We will contact you as soon as possible to confirm mailing information.

Here you can play back the process of our draw. We transparently selected a winning user.

If the information you entered is valid (you have available purchased AdGuard license keys and your order number and email is not error) You can find your own information in the video. If you have any questions, please contact us: [email protected]

More than 8,000 AdGuard users have participated in the New Year’s lottery. We thank you very much for participating this event! Thank you for your support and trust.

Please follow us, this is by no means a lottery activity;)

Difficult year is coming soon, is you very happy? I guess, of course! It is more stronger than the day, is it more stronger? Hope is!

We are very grateful to everyone in 2020! Follow our New Year’s tradition, we bring our discounts and sweepstakes. let’s start!


Wow! We have a few very special gifts waiting for you! This lucky is 10.2 “128GB of Apple iPad. Only five! Do not miss! The participation method does not change, as long as you have a valid AdGuard license, you can participate in the lucky draw. There is only one small difference, just before the participant needs to enter the AdGuard license key (there is a troubles to have many users). And now you just enter the order number. Due to this change, the AdGuard VPN subscriber can also participate in this year-end draw.

Conditions and rules of participation in the lucky draw

Previously users intend to participate in our lucky draw activities, you need to enter the license key. This is not reasonable for the privacy protection system. Therefore, we have modified this rule. Now the user only needs to enter the order number. User personal information can be kept privately.

Way to participate in the lucky draw

Please fill in the registration form. First enter the order number (order number can be viewed) and use the email address to log in to your personal account (or purchase AdGuard).

Waiting for results. On January 12th, we will issue a list of results on the blog and send an email to each winner.

Can do

Users who have purchased, and in valid periods, can participate in the sweepstakes.

Yesterday or three years ago, no matter when you purchase it, you can participate in the lucky draw. As long as your license / subscription has been valid until the end date of the event (January 12), you can participate.

If you have multiple orders, you can fill in the registration form multiple times (each order must be filled in the list of registration forms). This way you can improve the winning chance 🙂


Please don’t enter invalid information.

Please fill in multiple registration forms without using the same order number. Such users will be deprived of the draw.

Until January 10, 202 (included this day), everyone has the opportunity to participate in the lucky draw. On January 12, the lucky prize was officially started, and we would announce the prize on the prize on the prize. Please look forward to!

Advertising intercepting program to play 60% off

This year we decided to discounted all licenses including one year / life, personal / family. You must find a suitable you. In addition, if you have licensed, there is also a discount.

ADGUARD VPN hits 40% off

Jumping price! ADGUARD VPN annual subscription 10% off! After obtaining unlimited traffic, high speed and all server locations, you will directly forget the existence of problems such as the site to be blocked or regional!

Good luck!

happy vacation!