Effectively shielded on Safari open YouTube on the advertisement

Effectively shielded on Safari open YouTube on the advertisement

A few weeks ago, we have begun to receive many user complaints in YouTube open in YouTube in Safari.

You may have already understood that there is no way to mention the content interception of the content interception. Therefore, we hope to introduce this issue in detail to attract Apple’s attention to the current situation.

Update: They noticed! The situation will definitely become better in the future.

We managed to resolve the advertisements in the JDGUard plugin for Safari. Solving this problem on Macos is not quite complicated. With the “AdGuard Advanced Interception” plugin, we can compensate for the shortcomings of Safari content interception. But it is said that the IOS system is concerned. We have to admit that it is unable to shield advertisements as usual.

So I suddenly … I found it! We remembered that YouTube can work properly without reloading the page. A special script will run and remove advertisements when the page is reloaded. Thinking here, the way to implement it will appear. Recent Apple added a shortcut (shortcut). The shortcut is very suitable for removing the task of YouTube advertising!

We are very happy to try users with iOS and iPados devices. If you open you on Safari, bother you, then the following is your solution. This shortcut will be automatically applied in the next AdGuard version suitable for iOS. We are working on the next version as soon as possible. However, if you don’t want to wait, the following is an operation guide that enables shortcut:

How to add a shortcut command to intercept YouTube advertisement in Safari

Please open the Quick Directory app. You can find the “Shortcut” app in the system settings or download it.

If you first use shortcuts, you need to open any shortcuts for Apple.

Please go to the “Shortcut” app and enable any shortcuts. Then go to the iOS device settings -> shortcut and enable “Allow Not trusted shortcut”.

Now you have to open, click “Get Shutdown”. You will see the contents of the Adguard shortcut. In order to install the adguard shortcut, slide down and click “Express Direct to Allow from Trusted” (right, we know that it seems to be not awkward)

    Then, please open YouTube in Safari. Click on the button in the middle below to slide down and select Shield YouTube Ads (using adguard).

    Click “Allow” on the notification of the pop-up.

    Finish! Now you can watch an advertising YouTube video.

    on the iPhone (left) and iPad (right)

    Apple believes that any third party developers are not trusted, so AdGuard is one of them. However, if you understand and use our app, you know we deserve your trust 🙂

    Important information:

    This shortcut is an open source script. You can view all its features in this.

    The shortcut instruction will not be updated automatically. This means that if we change its content, users need to reinstall it. However, after publishing the new version of AdGuard, you don’t have to worry about reinstall our shortcut.

    If you don’t use the adguard, you can still perform shortcuts. Even if you don’t use any advertisement interceptor on the iOS device, our shortcut will help you remove YouTube’s advertising to “dry clean”.

    This is of course just a temporary solution, but it is currently the best way.

    It is very obvious that the issue of advertising an iPad in white window is very obvious. If you are using iPhone, running shortcuts can also solve some problems. For example, in addition to the ad, the shortcut will delete an additional click affects the automatic playback.

    If you are accustomed to watching the happy life of Youtube movie without ads, and the continuous pop-up advertisement in Safari makes you worry, so quickly try the shortcut!

    We are looking forward to receiving your feedback! We will come here or wait for you on social media!