Browser War, Privacy Day, Malicious Tracking Protection: Adguard Message Summary

Browser War, Privacy Day, Malicious Tracking Protection: Adguard Message Summary

Congratulations! January 28 is a data protection day. Make sure you have reviewed your online behavior to make it easy to celebrate this day, remember safety guidelines. For us, this is actually a professional holiday. Of course, data protection is a very broad concept: it includes corporate information security, commercial confidentiality and hackers. However, as far as we are concerned, we will continue to pay attention to the impact of protecting personal information from data traffickers, manipulating marketers, and an advertiser who is eager to enter the Internet users.

On April 26, 2006, the European Commission decided to will be on January 28th. The Data Protection Convention on the European Commission, the Convention on “108”, opened on this day for signed. Nowadays, there are data protection days in Europe, known as privacy days.

The significance of the data protection day is. This trend can be seen in the United States, Canada, Nigeria, Israel and other 47 European countries.

Of course, in fact, every day, every day, should be data protection day. However, there is an “anchoring number” more convenient for people to remember, and can also give you a reason to think about this topic. You are ready to let you forward your data, how to protect them, you should try some new tools or improve your understanding by reading some credible articles.

Let us continue to see our message summary

The throne of Chrome has become rushing, but what can I replace it?

On the last message summary, we have noticed the popularity of the security browser: BRAVE browser is quickly gaining more audiences, and the Privacy Safety Search Engine, that is, Duckduckgo has launched its own browser.

At the same time, the days of market leaders becomes uncomfortable. Does anyone read Google about the blog of the CHROME updated? Obviously, a group of generous and IT media reporters have read it. Recently, I have released at least two articles ([], []). They suggest that you update their browsers. Google broke his record and claims that there are dozens of high-risk vulnerabilities in the app. So if you haven’t, please update your Chrome browser right away.

The web browser is just a entrance to the number of universe that enters the excitement but full of digital universe. The choice of browsers you use at home and work not only decide to run performance and convenience, but also determine the user’s data security. It is necessary to review it anytime, anywhere. If you are not a browser expert, we recommend developing the habit of reading expert comments from time to time. Enter your favorite browser name in Google News Search box, look at whether it has been affected by hacker, leak data, and find any serious security issues. Of course, when you are using the browser has a new update, don’t hesitate, install it immediately.

At the same time, the Microsoft EDGE browser is occupied and is the best result in history. November 2021 Valley Chrome became the only browser.

Maybe there will be more. The user finally discovered that Google did not even try to hide the secret: stealth mode does not let the user “stealth” online and does not help users avoid tracker intrusion. The person in charge of the Alphabet of Googler Pharma Company has handled this “discovery”.

Not just Google’s privacy protection has a problem. In this article, the author found at least. The author emphasizes a true turning point in Microsoft Network Policy. “Microsoft seems to” cultivate “into a shopping tool, not a web browser.” In addition, even if you are already using Microsoft’s browser, you will also see unscrupulous ads of Microsoft browsers. These ads directly insult Google and his Chrome.

The emergence, development and expansion of privacy-oriented browsers is a good thing. However, now we are hard to bear the risk of putting all eggs in a basket, please do not trust a single vendor when involving personal data security. Therefore, a mainstream browser like Chrome adds a trusted third party extension that seems to be a reliable selection.

Google has been tracking your location, even if you have closed the positioning settings

However, there is another lawsuit against Google. After the user turns off the location history on the Android device, Google is still tracking the location of the user. This situation “is in 2014 to 2019” has been happening, but the four lawyers hopes that Google is punished, because Google makes people think that their location information is not tracked, but actually is just the opposite. The same old lesson: Basic device settings may be more like a decoration, not the means of actually controlling user data.

A few days ago, Google responded to these lawsuits, namely, a long text, claims that these litigants are inaccurate, outdated, and a wrong description of Google’s services. This article looks quite anger, but it is also very honest. Google claimed: Yes, we really need the user’s location data, so, each application needs. However, if you pay some efforts, you can at least get some privacy of illusion. The following is about managing access to user location data. What did the mainstream communications software report to the US Federal Investigation Bureau?

There is a suspicious entitled “legal visit” recently, which is said to be a federal investigation office. Document describes the data of the US security department on the popular chat software users. For example, the report shows that Telegram and Signal do not provide access to communication content, while Line and WhatsApp can get “limited access”.

Apple Air Tag can be used to track you

Everyone has been accustomed to being tracked. However, just as in a cheap spy movie, it will be implanted into your pocket for a strange guy. What will it? Apple’s Air Tag is a small thing, aimed at attaching to the key, wallet, child, etc., all that is easy to lose, want to know what they are position. But a supermodel Brooks Nader found that when she hailt in the Bar in New York, she. This person did not do anything to supermodels, but she told reporters: She learned that the pressure was great, very uncomfortable.

Apple is foreseen, and trying to protect users: * “If an unauthorized air tag or other device visible in the app,” Find MY “application should notify them. If the unregistered Air Tag stays around the user, “Find MY” will also issue a tone. What users want to do is to enable “Find MY” in the iOS settings and try to find only these notifications in a large number of notifications. There is a similar application for Android Apple, named “Tracker Detect”.

If the privacy protection is finally arrived?

Suddenly, if the privacy and security of the golden age begin, what will our digital experience and life itself? This article emphasizes the technology that is being developed and privacy. Such as protecting privacy IDs and controls advertising. In addition, there are some recently recognized human rights, such as the right to work, not working outside the working hours, and the right to be unfained by their privacy, because it will no longer be attacked.

US Senator has taken action against targeted advertisements, but failed

It is most interesting that in January this year, the three US Senator launched a so-called “Banning Surveillance Advertising Act”). We boldly guess that it will not become a law because it effectively banned orientation.

The bill is launched:

So, what can we say for this again? I just think, “Google reported that the US lobby expenditure in 2021 was 27% higher than 2020, and the annual expenditure is $ 9.6 million.” Google and Facebook are also. There is a targeted advertisement will continue to exist, and your data will be harvested and sold.

Some good news and suggestions

However, some good things are happening in the actual regulatory field of private data protection. The regulatory authorities have force to organize European criminal police. Of course, it is not a kindergarten child, and I don’t believe that a security agency can take the personal data that you managed to get your hand, but they should at least delete some. This part of the data not only contains information from crime summary and black encrypted calls, but also information about the witness protection plan participants in any crime, there is no crime.

The balance between privacy and security never found, so users must define it themselves. Maybe you personal will live under the continuous gaze of the government’s face to prevent your phone from being stolen, or constantly share your location to get a discount notification of local stores. The key is to do with consciousness and pay attention to possible side effects. We hope that you can see this and find the right service, application and extension.