Android version of the AdGuard VPN update (stable version)

Android version of the AdGuard VPN update (stable version)

In general, we don’t have the favorite product, but this time it goes forward.

Please ask the AdGuard VPN Android version, the first stable version! We have just ended the last round of testing and improving the application performance, Android team and the warranty team battle, finally ended, but our heart is still tumbling!

The most important thing is dear Beta version of the test users, users and other users who help us improve their application thank you! Thank you for your feedback, reported mistakes, improved projects, strict criticism, and help us with a lot of advice. You don’t think how we thank you! I hope everyone will share the results together.

As we all know, the AdGuard team attaches great importance to user privacy protection. We are working hard to provide users with a new way: private, security, and unrestricted access to the website. VPNs can hide your location and avoid personal data information leaks and unwavering access. Does the adguard VPN have other advantages? There is indeed! Just here!

The fastest server connection

We support a variety of different geographic locations. Sometimes you need a specific server, but in most cases, we still be based on speed. Ping is a variable dedicated to the response time of the server location. Ping delay is greater than 50 ms-100ms, which will be considered a good VPN connection. The lower the ping value, the better. We have the function of displaying the location ping and the fastest three locations are displayed on the screen. You can choose the best server yourself!

Tunnel separation

This is one of the most important advantages and evaluation criteria for modern VPN services. This feature allows you to separate data, some data is sent through VPN, and another part of the data is sent through your local ISP (Internet Service Provider). Use VPN to bypass the region to access the stream content while using the local network to enjoy an application function. You only have to choose the application you want to exclude. Special and effective for banking applications.

There are two ways to manage application routes:

Turn on when compatible with the AdGuard Advertise Interceptor. To exclude applications, please go to menu ¡ú application management, the AdGuard Advertising Interceptor will open. After finding your app in the list, click on it and turn off adguard protection. Please follow the GIF picture:

When you open the VPN mode, please go to menu ¡ú application settings and find a specific application in the list.

Kill Switch (emergency switch)

In some cases, we must never disclose our data or network activities, such as when connecting public WiFi. Kill Switch guarantees that you completely close your connection when the VPN tunnel is disconnected. This is a very practical function! In order to open Kill Switch, please go to Settings ¡ú Kill Switch ¡ú Open Settings ¡ú Adguard VPN, and check “Always Online VPN” and “intercepted connection not using the VPN”.

When Kill Switch (emergency switch) is turned on, all connections are VPN. In this case, the network is not connected to the VPN, and the network cannot be connected. However, if the application is added to the exclusion list, it can still work. Turn on the VPN mode. Go to the application settings and find the app you want to exclude. Close them according to the above content. This application is now running normally and its traffic will be sent through your local Internet service provider, even Kill Switch is turned on.

Two VPN mode

Conventional mode By default, all your open websites have passed VPN, which is very convenient and fast. But suppose you want to access “” without using VPN? Do not worry! You only need to add the URL to the exclusion item.

The selection mode is the opposite function. Now, all data is not sent by VPN. But thanks, you just want to use the VPN to access the “” website, then add it to the list!

These features allow users to set their own VPN settings. Take advantage of this app, create your own website list, let it meet your personal needs!

Compatible with AdGuard

Finally, but it is also very important, compatibility! Like our customers, we will increase the compatibility with the AdGuard Advertise Interceptor (3.5 version and later updates). Both applications can now identify each other and operate. For example, you have already installed an AdGuard Ad to Intercept the program, then you only want to go to the application and turn on the compatibility mode. In this section, we will talk about this operation in this detail. Free is good

We give users 3GB free traffic monthly. This allows the user to first try to use the VPN, and then decide whether to upgrade to the Advanced version. Please note: Free traffic on user accounts is suitable for all devices. For example, suppose you use 1GB free traffic on the AdGuard VPN browser extension, there is only 2GB to be used for other devices. More importantly, we provide users with free version of the connection speed of 20 Mbps.

how to install?

After reading this article is very tired? Now you can download, download and try the Android version of AdGuard VPN. Welcome everyone to leave feedback: Write a comment here or contact us. see you later!