Android version of Adguard V3.6.5 update

Android version of Adguard V3.6.5 update

Android version of the AdGuard V3.6.5 update finally released. The focus of this update is to browse the security module. Now this module can better block requests to malware and phishing websites! Let us look more deeply, and how it improves the user’s level.

Previous adGuard browsing the security module using the Lookup API to detect the web page accessible. Each time the user accesses the web page, the local client uses the hash and hash prefix with our background server to help the local client to determine if a website is in a blacklist.

After the new security browsing API V2 implementation, AdGuard will first offline queries and search for matched information in the local hash prefix database. Such AdGuard can instantly block the dangerous website to provide the highest protection level.

Another view of Android version of AdGuard V3.6.5 is that we update Corelibs and DNSLIBS to make the app operate more stable. In addition, we have repaired a lot of problems. I hope everyone will enjoy the experience of the Android AdGuard V3.6.5!

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