Adguard VPN V1.2 Android: Import / Export exclusion item, custom DNS server

Adguard VPN V1.2 Android: Import / Export exclusion item, custom DNS server

Since our progress, our progress has been flying. Three new updates for this app make it better and more stable. Today we will renew an update. Let us look at its function.

Import / export exclusion item

Perform the above steps to import exclusion item

We add this feature in the AdGuard VPN Android version. Now if you start using our VPN on another device, you don’t need to manually enter the website in the list of items again. Can now be introduced or exported quickly or exported, or it is very convenient!

Read this article.

Select DNS server

Perform the above steps to select DNS server

There have also been a function of choosing a DNS server before we app, but it is now better to use. There are many servers and servers provided by AdGuard, Google, CloudFlare and provided. Press a description of DNS functions that you can select a specific DNS server. For example, the AdGuard DNS server removes advertising and protects your equipment from online tracking. AdGuard DNS Home Protection features an AdGuard DNS and other features, including secure search and adult content shielding. All servers are different: some restrict access to malicious domains and protect you from the fishing site intrusion, but some do not stop any elements.

Reliable DNS Server and Modern Encryption Protocol and provide you with an additional level of privacy protection.

Other improvements

In addition to the above improvements, we also update the VPN library and improve the APP performance. Like usually, you can view updated full list and version history.

AdGuard VPN Android version can be downloaded. We hope that everyone will like the new version of the experience! If you are willing to share your experience, you are welcome to leave feedback on or social media.