Adguard VPN IOS Version (Beta)

Adguard VPN IOS Version (Beta)

We greet your iOS users! Are you ready to start the online full privacy protection? We published an AdGuard VPN iOS version (beta) on the App Store.

Inctends online data and privacy protection, and the AdGuard team has no knowledge. In more than ten years, millions of users trust us to protect their personal information. We “struggle” with annoying advertising and make your network safer. Not long ago, we released now we are very happy to introduce another tool for another enhanced online security, which is AdGuard VPN.

VPN is a referred to as a virtual private network. VPN is a tunnel that encrypts with our reliable server and routes your traffic. When you connect the VPN server, your data is automatically encrypted, geographic and IP addresses will be changed. You can find more information about VPN.

What is the advantage of the AdGuard VPN?

Bypassing area restrictions

Due to regional restrictions, users will encounter some problems when accessing certain web services. You can access some web pages when you use a local IP address of a country. AdGuard VPN can help you hide your true location and change your IP address, so you can bypass regional restrictions, not accessed and browse.

Encrypt your traffic

Sometimes the network users are monitored. Whether it is tracking or selling the ISP (Internet service provider) of your personal information, or the government confidential structure of the task, or hackers try to invade you when you connect public WiFi (in the train station or in the airport) Equipment, etc. Therefore, you need to worry about whether your privacy has been protected. Adguard VPN can encrypt your traffic and keep your data protected. Others have no right to ask your information!

The fastest endpoint

Some people will say, careful and regret. But for many users, the speed is the weight loss. We bring good news for everyone! The AdGuard VPN application is next to the specified server location to display the PING (response time). Ping is the display server responding to the variable of your request. In short, the lower the PING value, the faster your connection. Take another time, check up, choose the fastest, enjoy the speed connection!

Heaven tart

We offer users a monthly 3GB free traffic. Therefore, you can try to use our app, see how VPN is run, and then decide if you want to continue to purchase unlimited versions. Please note that free traffic can override all devices. For example, you extends 1GB in the AdGuard VPN browser, then only 2GB remains available for AdGuard VPN iOS.

Please remember that the free version we limits the connection speed to 20 Mbps. Of course, the paid version does not have any speed limit.

If you want to use the AdGuard VPN unlimited version, you can consider it.

Compatible with the AdGuard Advertise Interceptor

One of the most powerful features of the AdGuard VPN is the integration mode of intercepting our advertising intercepting procedures. If you still haven’t it, you can click to download it. When you install two applications, the integration mode will be automatically turned on, let you enjoy an unrestricted network!

It seems that the content is over. By downloading the AdGuard VPN. As usual, we are very happy to feed back! In particular, this is the first public beta version, so we are particularly welcome to leave feedback, our joint efforts can let AdGuard’s service more upstairs. You are welcome to actively contact us on social media, or you can leave feedback directly in the following reviews. see you later!

P.S .: Become a beta test

If you want to first know all new features and updates, you can participate in our Beta test project. In order to participate, you can first experience the AdGuard VPN update for iOS.