Adguard VPN 1.0.5 iOS version: speed exclude, easy to use shortcut

Adguard VPN 1.0.5 iOS version: speed exclude, easy to use shortcut

Yes, please adguard VPN 1.0.5 iOS version! Just two and a half months. What changes have you changed now?

First, the AdGuard VPN server is run faster than before! This is an excellent, great change. If you are using a beta version, you will definitely have changed. If you don’t use the adguard vpn iOS version, then you are very sincere, you can use a better and faster VPN from now on.

Let us introduce key features. Now you can add your site directly from your browser to the exclusive list. No longer need to open the application and manually enter the domain name or subdomain, and press several keys!

Finally, there is an important function. We have added shortcuts of the AdGuard VPN. Now you can connect VPN and select server location speed!

If you want to use shortcut, use your strength to press the icon of the application. You will see shortcut lists, including connectivity, select location, edit the home screen, share app, and remove the app. Choose the option you need, AdGuard will help you complete your task.

As always, some improvements are only completed behind the scenes. We also improve the stability of the application and fix all the detected errors.

In the future, we will continue to add new features. Please wait and see, don’t miss the update!

I am here today. Update your AdGuard VPN and enjoy a new experience! If you haven’t installed it yet, come and try it! This is