Adguard V3.6 Android: DNS-over-Quic and no ads youtube

Adguard V3.6 Android: DNS-over-Quic and no ads youtube

Have the Android version of AdGuard V3.6! The distance is only three months, but we still work hard to add two new features, including watching the advertising youTube video and DNS-over-quic (doQ).

Many people can’t stand advertisements on YouTube. Especially before watching the content you like, it is necessary to be enforced by annoying advertisements. We bring good news for everyone! You don’t need to endure your ad. You can enjoy an advertised video in your YouTube application. Speaking of the second largest function, DOQ is a new agreement to provide “unboxes” encryption and better performance. Let’s take a closer look!

Watch no ads youtube

Due to the technical limitations of Android OS, there is currently no advertisement interceptor to intercept the advertisements in YouTube. Until now, we can only filter ads when watching video on YouTube in your browser. We recognize that this is really troublesome with video to watch the video in your youtube app. But now we have found an alternative, allowing you to bypass Android restrictions and enjoy an advertising video.

Now you can enjoy a video that is not inserted into the ad. Please follow the following two steps:

Take these steps to enjoy an advertising youtube video

Open YouTube and select the movie that will be viewed.

Click the “Share” button and select the AdGuard Android version in the list.

Once! The new video playback window will pop up on the screen, now you can enjoy an advertising video.

DNS-over-quic support

Too many English letters together! If you don’t know what it means, it is not tight. First of all, DoQ is a new encryption agreement. The concept is not new, but it is a completely new concept for practical applications. In fact, AdGuard introduced the first to support DOQ!

Everyone may hear a DNS encryption agreement. The most popular is DOH (DNS-OVER-HTTPS abbreviation) and DOT (DNS-OVER-TLS abbreviation). Why is DOQ a new agreement? In fact, there are many reasons: “unpacking” encryption, low connection delay and better packet loss recovery performance. If you want to know more about DOQ, here is there.

Use DOQ on AdGuard for Android:

Open the application. Then please open the menu

Please go to Settings> DNS filter and open it

Select any ADGUARD DNS server from the available list

Select DNS-over-Quic in Server Types.

Suitable for Android AdGuard support DNS-over-quic

You can see that this feature is still in the test phase. AdGuard for Android is one of the first open source properties of DNS-over-quic (we will add this feature to this feature).

That’s it. All changes list can be found. We wish to receive your feedback. Contact us on the following comments or social media! see you later!