Adguard V3.6.3 Android: Compatible with Android 12

Adguard V3.6.3 Android: Compatible with Android 12

If you have already read it on Github, you may have laughed, you know that V4.0 that is about to go online is our internal joke.

We have been very patient. When the time is delayed, we are too rushing to say: “This time it is definitely the last update before the update.”

spoiler: This is the new interface of V4.0

But before a “new era”, don’t ignore the importance of the intermediate process, and will not make improvements in the process, and strive to lose meaning with sweat.

There is an improvement to everyone. This is the compatibility with Android 12. We have tested new versions in the new OS. Now we guarantee you that they can be compatible with 100%. If you are an Android 12 tester, you are welcome to try to use the new version at any time.

The latest version of V3.6.3 has many improvements, but they all “in the background”. Usually we believe that this task is more difficult to understand and it is very meaningless to general users. But tell the truth, these improvements is one of the most important improvements in our products. Therefore, if you want to go deep into the technical level, please welcome you to read.

This time we focus on the update of Corelibs, that is, we solve the problem of modifier priority present, and add some, including $ denyallow , $ redirect-rule , $ REMOVEHEADER and $ SpeciFichide new modifier. This improvement is most interesting to favorite users. In addition, we improve the user script exclusion list and fix all the errors we found.

Update the AdGuard app and share your experience experience! We know that you look forward to V4.0 as us. I believe us, the final result is worthy of our efforts to wait for you.