Adguard V2.6 Mac Edition: DNS Filtering, Local Apple Silicon and Macos Monterey Support

Adguard V2.6 Mac Edition: DNS Filtering, Local Apple Silicon and Macos Monterey Support

good news! DNS filtration and local Apple Silicon support have been added. This feature has been used for a long time for the enthusiastic users who have been taken to Beta test. Today, it is finally online, so all users can use this feature.

DNS filtration support

Many users have asked, when we plan to apply DNS filtration to the AdGuard Mac. Suitable for Windows, Android, iOS ADGUARD has previously had DNS filtration. In addition, we know that it is time to apply this feature to other desktop applications. Finally, we have completed the task.

and DNS filtration function There is also a new tag on the software setting interface

Everyone may think: “What benefits can you bring to me?”

From now on, you must not rely on the DNS server provided by your ISP. Now you have the “luxury” that chooses to choose. You can choose the DNS server, or add a custom DNS server.

You can also add a domain to a DNS blacklist or white list and add more complex rules. Is it very cool? Finally, you have the opportunity to add your favorite DNS filter. Welcome to find a variety of filters and links there.

Of course, the new version supports multiple protocols such as DNSCrypt, DOH, DOT, and DOQ. Tip, AdGuard DNS is the first public DNS resolution server that supports tip technology -.

Local Apple Silicon support

We add M1 support, so this is the AdGuard Mac version of Apple Silicon optimized. If you don’t understand the meaning described above, we recommend you to read. That article explained the AdGuard Safari version supported by M1.

Macos Monterey support

It is the latest MacOS version that is about to be released this fall. We tested the compatibility of the AdGuard V2.6 Mac version and MacOS Monterey. As a result, they are seamlessly operated together. What users want to do is to wait for the official release of the latest Macos 12, and experience the feeling of using Adguard on the new system 🙂

Like us, you can view a full update list.

We hope that you will enjoy the new version of the experience. As usual, we look forward to your feedback, so please don’t hesitate to share your experience with us in the comment area or social media. This way we can make our products continue to improve!