Adguard V2.5 MAC version: Compatible with BIG SUR

Adguard V2.5 MAC version: Compatible with BIG SUR

Hey, Mac users! Miss us? We have come back! Please meet the AdGuard V2.5 Mac version. Let us first make simple profiles.

Privacy is a new popular topic

With the rise of the privacy of the world, Apple also released the new Macos Big Sur. This update features three cornerstone functions, including new design, enhancement efficiency, and more transparent privacy. It can be seen that privacy protection is a serious thing. The depth of the world big company (for example, Apple) focuses on this topic.

Our AdGuard V2.5 Mac version is seamless with new Macos 11 (Big Sur). We have solved a lot of compatibility issues, as well as adding a beautiful app icon for the new OS style.

The system extension will replace the kernel in BIG SUR

What is the system extensions? Starting from 2019, Apple decided to reduce the number of operated operations in the kernel. The old frame is called kernel extensions no longer useful. Both chooses one, Apple chooses to provide system extensions and network extensions. Among them, the network extension refers to a framework for use to run filter flow. .

Set adguard in the network extension

MacOS 11 (BIG SUR) will not continue to support the old kernel extensions (in most cases), so we add system support to the new framework. If you are already using BIG SUR, please confirm if the network extension mode is opened in AdGuard: Go to the AdGuard menu -> Select Preferences … -> Network -> Select Mode …. [Nuclear Extension] mode will be gray, and you have to select [Network Extension] mode.

However, the network extension is a relatively new function. This means that we have to fix the mistakes and update it. Network extensions are short-introduced to replacement of kernel extensions (for the first time for MacOS 10.15). Now Apple is actively developing and improving it. But there is still a lot of problems related to network expansion. If you encounter any problems, please check our.

What else did you say?

This update, the second important function is the upstream agent, but also ready to go. With this feature You can add a custom proxy server in the settings and run with the AdGuard VPN. We also fix a lot of errors and updated CoreLibs to V1.7.111 to enhance the filtering effect. As usual, you can view all updated lists. We are looking forward to your feedback! You can leave feedback on the following reviews.