ADGUARD URL Tracking Filter

ADGUARD URL Tracking Filter

welcome ! This filter can remove the query parameters from the web URL.

This feature is not a new concept, in fact, the AdGuard invisible mode has been functional. So someone will ask, why do you want to “white feet” to re-do new? You will know soon! But first, let us know what is tracking parameters.

What is tracking parameters and how to use

In general, the parameters in the web address are used in. You may have seen the parameters similar to utm_source or utm_campaign , which is the tracking parameters.

Let's take an example, let's take a look:

Create a link on the website A A: B can detect all information provided by Website A, including which website you come from, click on which page on which page is jumped to website B, etc..

Google analysis and other analytical services also detect tracking parameters. They can view and record all information.

It seems that this is not necessarily a bad thing. What is the problem with this information only? However, there is indeed a problem:

Sometimes this tracking parameter contains identification information. It turns out that only the website A (not a website b) will know these identification information. This type of situation occurs because of the disappointment.

This information is likely to be shared to third-party trackers (such as Google Analysis), not to say forward to the owner of the website B.

Some tracking parameters can be used to track someone. For example, the gclid parameter can identify the click on Google search specific ad link, then the advertiser notifies Google, ask if it is the click rate (click rate at a specific search input box) to achieve expectations Effect.

Why do you need to remove certain parameters from the URL, and why we create a new filter for this purpose

After reading the above items, remove UTM and other tracking parameters, there is no need to explain. No one is willing to share personal information to third parties and trace every step, is it?

Then let's take a look at the second question. Speaking of filtering, Adguard is very good. Our Eight Immortals passes the sea, each shows the gods. The filter is developed and continuously improved daily.

However, the problem is that the removed parameter list is embedded in the program, so we cannot update it as updating our filters.

Therefore, we finally decide to focus all tracking parameters in a filter. So, we created an AdGuard URL trace filter. It is the hero of the next time. Like our other filters, we must update and improve new filters at any time. The best news is that now you can enable this filter to remove tracking parameters.

In the future AdGuard app, we intend to improve the invisible mode to make it built into the Adguard URL tracking filter.

The AdGuard URL tracking filter now can be used for AdGuard Windows, Mac and Android. Users of our Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera browser can update the new filter in the next V3.6. Please look forward to the next update!