AdGuard Safari version V1.9.19: M1 support and Safari rule converter update

AdGuard Safari version V1.9.19: M1 support and Safari rule converter update

We brought you an update of the AdGuard Safari version. Although the next time the blog is in the blog, it has been a long time, but we have been in it. You can view the contents of the latest version update below.

Apple Silicon support

In November 2020, Apple began to replace the M1 chip from the Intel processor to its own research and development. At the producer, the new MacBook with Apple Silicon and the new M1 chip. However, what is the fundamental difference between Intel and M1? Let us introduce you to you.

The new M1 is the first processor based on a new generation based on (English: Advanced Risc Machine). M1 is also called (SOC). This system includes a USB controller, Wi-Fi, Thunderbolt interface, processor core, video card, and random access reservoir (RAM). Unlike the previous computer’s computer, the new ARM integrates all components. SOC integrates a complete system on the chip, so you can reduce the delay of some features and make the speed faster. Since the distance between each element is very small, the interconnect delay is greatly reduced, and the communication speed, functional components, and the efficiency of the module are greatly increased.

We are committed to making the MAC to transfer to the new architecture compatible with the AdGuard Safari version. Therefore, we have a exciting mood to show our new achievements: universal builds that can be run on Intel and M1.

Updated the rule converter

We have only two products to use rule converters, AdGuard iOS and Safari. Both these two need to be safari rules. The syntax of the Safari filtering rule is different from the universal use. In v1.9.19 we add $ denyallow and $ specification modifier support, modification rules, and generic exclusion rules, and we fix the conversion error.

Old and new app icons

In addition to the converter, we update the app icon. Of course we also fix some small bugs, related to UI design and other issues.

. Come and share our ideas for your new version. We look forward to your feedback!