AdGuard for iOS, Safari and Adblocker extension updates: article summary

AdGuard for iOS, Safari and Adblocker extension updates: article summary

This blog contains three small updates, so we decided to combine them into the same article. Therefore, if you are using an iOS version of Adguard or extension, you can read the appropriate part. However, if you have two to three software installed, it is recommended to read the entire article.

iOS version of Adguard V.4.0.2

Just only need to brush once, you can add the website to the allowed / blacklist

This update is more focused on fixing errors, but still has important improvements.

Main improvements:

Improve user interface and redesign menu style

Repair translation error

Solve network connection and DNS deactivation problem

Delete old filters

It is important to emphasize that this update is the first update after the release of the new version of AdGuard Pro.

Adguard V.1.8.2 for Safari

Now you can add user filters from your computer

Where should we start introduce? First, this update focuses on the UI / UX design (for example, we added dark mode). Second, this version update has a improved improvement: custom blacklist can be imported from local files. This means that the user can now add a filter from the local file from the device, but also more convenient and fast. Reaffirming again that we have repaired a lot of errors.

Adguard Adbrocker Extended V3.5.12

AdGuard Adblocker Extended V3.5.12 Update, we have released four beta versions. And its update number is similar to the Fiboacci number: 3.5.3, 3.5.5, 3.5.8 (only 3.5.12 is not included) … So, we are getting closer and closer to gold. Hope, everyone will feel that this improvement is very beautiful and well calibrated.

This update we have applied Li Xiaolong to teach our philosophy: “minus the unnecessary things”. Simply put, we delete the integrated mode because it often leads to a bad operation when applications, extensions, and assistants. Since we have independent AdGuard browser assistants, we don’t need to integrate mode. We fix filters rules and remove old filters.