Adguard browser extension v3.6: Update information

Adguard browser extension V3.6: Update information

We have not released the article for a long time. However, don’t worry, you can make sure we are still improving it. In this article, we introduce you to the update of version 3.6.

In addition to the “Do-Not-Track” signal in the invisible mode setting, we also added “Global Privacy Control). These signals will be sent to your access to the website to prevent the website from tracking you. In addition, we also add $ REMOVEPARAM modifier and support for AdGuard URL tracking of the tracking parameters. AdGuard for Windows and Mac is already provided with this filter. This round is now extended to the AdGuard browser. Finally, we have updated scriplets, redirect, and extended CSS.

Global privacy control signal

It is a signal transmitted through HTTP. This signal is sent to the user and service sending the user to the third party to sell or share user personal information.

Why start using GPC and what it is important?

As you know, there are many companies that have abused their rights. They collect, analyze user information, and sell or share them to third parties, so as serious violations of user privacy. Although there is an existing legal framework that allows users to require privacy protection, it is still very troublesome: each user access website needs to prohibit the cookie notification or require website / app without tracking.


When you turn on the GPC signal, you notify the website about your privacy preference settings. For example, are you willing to be sold or shared by your personal information (no doubt, we believe you will not be willing). Send a signal to the site you visited. Social support for GPC will respect your privacy. Many companies support GPC, including AdGuard. You can view some other companies that support GPC.

ADGUARD URL Tracking Filter

Not long ago, we released it. We introduce what is tracking parameters, their working principle, and why they want to remove them. However, in this article we also want to talk about the AdGuard URL tracking filter.

The AdGuard URL Tracking Filter contains all the most popular tracking parameters. The good news is, now you can delete all tracking parameters now you can remove all tracking parameters. We have some problems with the list of parameters before we create this filter. Since the tracking parameter list is embedded in the software, the process of adding new parameters is more complicated. After creating a URL Tracking Filter, we have to update it frequently. We intend to improve it as it is the same as improving other filters.

After adding support, we finally deleted the old settings of “Removing Tracking Parameters”. Replace it into a new settings containing our URL trace filters. This way, due to the standard filter update process, you will always use the latest database of tracking parameters.

Now you are very familiar with the latest improvement of the AdGuard browser extension? As usual, we look forward to receiving feedback from everyone about new versions. Please share your experience experience with us: Is it normal to operate? What improvements do you especially like? You may want to add new features in the extension? So, we can make our products better. We are waiting for your feedback ~