Adguard 7.7 Windows: Corelibs, DOQ, DNS Advanced Settings

Adguard 7.7 Windows: Corelibs, DOQ, DNS Advanced Settings

This time the AdGuard Windows version is the last polished polishing, fix all the errors we can find. Our QA team attempts to destroy the app through a variety of different ways, but it still runs properly and does not have problems.

Therefore, you are welcome to contact us. To describe what you have encountered and what kind of operation you did caused it.

What changes? First, we applied DNS advanced settings, adding Finnish and updating translations in other languages. Although there is no special new feature this update, we put everything as an important thing. This is the update of Corelibs and DNSLIBS, while completing the problem fix, and we have a small magic that makes the filter log better.


Users may remember that Corelibs is our main filter engine. We have made a lot of improvements and the problem fix to upgrade it into a new version. Now our filters are stronger and more flexible. They can intercept a lot of new elements.


At the DNS level, we have made a lot of problems. From now on, AdGuard supports the latest Quic version. Have you forgotten? Then we recommend that you read and learn more about why DNS-over-Quic takes out its predecessor, namely DNS-OVER-HTTPS, and DNS-OVER-TLS, several streets.

New DNS Advanced Settings

The advanced settings in the application settings have a new project “Operation for the DNS request that has been intercepted.” Now, when you request DNS filtering rules to intercept DNS domains, you can select the response type. A total of three responding types, including responding to the “Reject” error, respond “rejected” error, redirects to a specific domain. For example, if the user selects the last type, all intercepted DNS requests will redirect to the IPv4 or IPv6 address specified by the user.

For example, if the user wants to protect the child to access the adult website, then the user uses the redirection address and “redirect to a specific IPv4 address” (or “redirect to a specific IPv6 address” field input honesty website … What is the new episode of “Bear”?

In addition, we improve the backup settings. Only a simpler “Enable DNS Reserve” option is only a simpler version of the “Enable DNS Reserve”. Now the user can not only enable DNS backup, but also choose whether you want to use the system or custom DNS backup. By the way, you can add several backup servers at the same time.

Finally, there is still a DNS exclusion item in the settings. The domain that adds the exclusion item list will be parsed by the default DNS. Some users may ask “Why use this item?”. Sometimes the domain must be parsed by the default DNS default DNS. For example, the router domain. The application has a new setting for this case.

I am here today. As usual, users can understand the list of complete updates. We are looking forward to receiving feedback from users. Update and share your experience experience with us.

Thank you for reading the final article. Let us share a secret with you. We are about to build a new AdGuard Windows version. We are planning the large-scale redesign of the entire app! Continue to pay attention to us! You will see about the 8.0 version of information!