Adguard 4.2 iOS Edition: YouTube Advertising Extension, Rule Converter, and More New Features.

Adguard 4.2 iOS Edition: YouTube Advertising Extension, Rule Converter, and More New Features.

In order to release the V4.2 version, after four months before and after, we need a lot of time to develop two beta versions, and carefully check all the features. So, what is updated?

Shield YouTube Advertising Expansion

If you pay attention to the most recent article on our blog, you are likely to understand the background that causes this update. Long-term short:

The AdGuard user begins to see the implant advertisement on YouTube opened in Safari.

We came up with the solution – the first is a temporary, then we created a manual installation.

Despite the above programs, we still want to take a step forward. We managed to replace the shortcut to make the built-in extension that is easy to use. For us, developing such solutions is critical. We are very happy to eventually find a simple and elegant solution after encountering the youTube algorithm and the troubles related to accidents in Safari.

Expansion of new advertisement interception

Unlike the shortcut, this extension will be installed automatically when you upgrade the App to V4.2. You don’t have to waste time to do it according to complicated instructions. New extension is enabled by default, so after the app is turned on, the extension will automatically intercept the advertisement. In addition to ads, this extension removes the placeholder displayed after intercepting ads on the iPad. Also, now you can automatically play video, you don’t have to click again.

In order to start an extended and mask the advertisement in YouTube, do it:

Open Safari.


Click “Share”.

Click “Intercept YouTube” advertisement (created by Adguard). “

Please note. Sometimes the AdGuard extension is not displayed. If you don’t see it, try re-executing the above or restart your device.

Improved rule converter

The rule converter is a special tool on iOS. Since Safari’s rule syntax is different from the universal use, this tool is used to convert to Safari rule style. This version, we improve the performance of the rule converter, add new models ( $ specify , noop and denyallow ) And fix the error related to the conversion.

Other update items are smaller: We improve DNSLIBS and fix the previously existing BUGS.

As usual, we look forward to your feedback on the new version. Share your experience experiences here on comments or social media. see you later!